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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 5/4/2009

Blackall Associates is a marketing and manufacturing company founded in 1985 and headquartered in Rhode Island. Blackall Associates has a strong product development team with many well known artists under contract worldwide. Under the brand name of MasterPiece Dolls the company has received 49 nominations from DOLLS Magazine (Dolls Award of Excellence) and Doll Reader (DOTY , Doll of the Year) from 2000-2006.

MasterPiece Dolls develops hundreds of new limited edition collectible dolls each year with an incredible attention to detail that brings to life each new doll that is produced. The company has a strong representation in the collectible baby market having revolutionized the baby market with the sale of its silicone/vinyl line of baby dolls in 2004. In addition to the baby market, the company also produces other styles of dolls in all sizes and price points. The company also has a very strong quality control program to make sure that the dolls are produced and shipped as per the final approved sample. The company adheres to a very strict schedule to make sure all dolls are produced and shipped on time.
Hailey by Monika Levenig
Keira by Monika Levenig
Monika Levenig has created an incredible new full body sculpt with 11 joints for her new Hailey. Ht 40" in vinyl. Hailey can be posed many ways that would not be possible without the joints that Monika sculpted for this special doll. The ball joints are in the elbows and the knees. The knee joints are done just above the knee for a beautiful look when seated. Also there are regular joints in the wrists that allow for unique positioning of her hands as well. Hailey comes to life with all her different poses. Her face with the open mouth expression is sure to make you smile. She also has beautiful long blonde silky hair and blue eyes. She is dressed in a cute pink and green dress with coordinating shoes. She comes with a wooden doll stand. Limited Edition 350 pieces.

See video of Hailey
Keira is 34" in vinyl. Keira has pretty blonde hair drawn up on the top in a ponytail with bangs and tendrils hanging down in front and back. She has beautiful blue eyes. Monika has sculpted Keira with arms that go in the shoulder plate and legs sculpted well above the knees. Keira is dressed in a cute white tee shirt and deep pink patchwork jumper. She has on coordinating shoes. She comes with a wooden doll stand. Limited Edition 350 pieces.

See video of Keira
Addison by Monika Peter-Leicht
Mackenna by Laura Tuzio-Ross
Monika has created Addison, her first 44" seated doll in vinyl. Addison's newly sculpted arms are sculpted above the elbow with cloth that attaches to her body for easy mobility. She has a nice full breast plate. Her legs are sculpted to just below her knees for ease in posing. Addison has beautiful very long brunette hair with red highlights and pretty green eyes. Monika has wrapped her hair with pretty pink ribbon and pink clips. She has dressed her in a cute outfit with a ruffled shirt and 3/4 length pants. She has on white socks with a pretty ruffle and pink matching shoes. Limited Edition 350 pieces.
Mackenna is an adorable little girl with an expression that will make you smile as well. She has arms sculpted above the elbow and legs sculpted that attach to the cloth body. She has reddish brown hair and pretty blue/green eyes. She is dressed in a pink and green watermelon style dress with her name embroidered on the collar. She also has on a beaded bracelet. Limited Edition 350 pieces.

See video of Mackenna
20 Stimson Avenue
Providence, RI 02906
Ph: 401-331-4684
Fax: 401-751-0961
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