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ACT International Corporation focuses on toys in general and strive for something new, fun and creative that's geared to children. Licensed as the exclusive distributor of Zogo™ (the world's 1st hand-powered skateboard, a new sports toy for 2007) in the U.S., we have worked closely with the inventor and the factory to enhance this product for the U.S. market. Zomgo™ is the next generation of Zogo. The estimated launch time is in June. More details, including videos of the Zogo in action, can be found on the Zogo website,

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Zogo Skateboard
Comes in Different Colors
This is the world's 1st skateboard with a patent-pending propulsion system. With this simple and easy to operate skateboard, the Zogo rider just sits or stands on the board and pulls up on the ropes to make Zogo go. Equipped with a pivoting caster assembly in the front, it makes it easy to turn.
29" Maple Wood Deck
Clear Grip Tape
Supports up to 150 Pounds
Available in red, blue and green.
Zogo Skateboard
Zogo Skateboard
Easy! Fun! No special skills required.
Feel like skiing on the land.
Learn to ride on Zogo in 5 minutes.

Watch the Zogo Skateboard Video Watch Video Now
Kids will like its racecar-like look.
Parents will love its reasonable price and unique function.
In addition to being fun to ride, it provides kids with plenty of exercise, especially for the upper body, and improves balance and coordination.
7050 Cantaberra Ct.
San Diego, CA 92129
Ph: 858-722-8889
Fax: 858-947-3889
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