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Hidden City Games, Inc., a venture-backed game publisher headquartered in Seattle, develops and markets tabletop and online games to interactively engage players and collectors of all ages. The company is best known as the exclusive licensor of Bella Sara, the inspirational, horse-themed trading cards and magical online world launched nationwide in the United States in March of 2007. Bella Sara, the most successful trading card product ever developed for girls, links to a safe, fun-filled virtual world for kids at Founder and CEO Peter D. Adkison formerly founded Wizards of the Coast, Inc., which created the world's first trading card game, Magic: The Gathering, and introduced the Pokémon trading card phenomenon to North America.

Bella Sara
Bella Sara™ Native Lights
Bella Sara is a new collectible/trading card game targeted for girls. Each blister-packed card pack contains five horse cards, with a total of 45 images in the first Bella Sara card set. Horse cards will show an image of a horse, with a brief, uplifting saying under the image, such as “Beauty Comes from Within”. Four of the horses in the first set will be "iconic" characters, for which foil versions will be produced. A rarity scheme will be adopted by Hidden City for the U.S. release. There also will be a corresponding Bella Sara Web site, where girls will be able to nurture their virtual horses, play games and explore the virtual world. Launch date: Fall 2006.

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Land, sea, and sky-we are all a part of our great, beautiful world. The breathtaking horses of Bella Sara™ Native Lights have arrived, reminding us of our connection to nature and those who live in harmony with it. Along with the special animal friends who teach them the wisdom of land, sea, and sky, these magical new horses will delight and inspire you-much like the beauty of nature itself. New with Native Lights, each card and corresponding virtual horse also features an animal companion - a guide and friend linked to the spirit of nature and to the horse - that will join the horse in their online stables and users' cottages. Bella Sara Native Lights includes 72 new cards total: 45 regular horse cards (each with a unique animal companion), 10 rare energy cards that can be activated for decorating users online cottages (new Native American digital items include a dreamcatcher, a headdress, moccasins and other artifacts) and 17 extra-rare "shiny" horse cards. Each Bella Sara foil flow-wrapped card pack (MSRP $2.99) and contains seven random horse and/or energy cards that can be collected and traded or used to play Bella Sara card games. Launch Date: March 2008.
Bella Sara 2nd Series
New Bella Sara horses have been discovered! Bella Sara Second Edition features new "Wise Warriors" horses, as well as swimming, flying and fantasy horses such as unicorns. Bella Sara Second Edition is a unique new trading card game and online environment for girls 5-12 that features uplifting messages, such as "Beauty Comes From Within." Each blister-packed card pack (MSRP $1.99) contains five random horse and/or energy cards. The Bella Sara Second Series set contains 130 cards; of these 85 are regular horse cards, 27 are extra-rare foil, 12 are energy cards and six are activity cards. The corresponding Bella Sara website at enables girls to nurture their virtual horses, play games and explore a magical online world. Launch Date: March 2007.
101 Elliott Ave W Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98119
Ph: 206-315-5627
Fax: 206-816-3764
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