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The mission of Volangulary LLC is to create better understanding and friendship among the peoples of the world by providing a means to improve vocabulary and language skills necessary for easy communication. Volangulary LLC also seeks to provide parents and children with a product that will entice them to spend more quality time together. In addition, Volangulary LLC will provide scholarships world-wide to students that show a desire to utilize their talents for the benefit of human kind.

Volangulary: The International Vocabulary and Language Game
The Brain Sponge Syndrome™
The International Multi-language Vocabulary Game that Challenges and Empowers You!

Now you can test and improve your vocabulary and language skills while challenging your family and friends to a game of strategy and fun.

Better keep your wits about you! Players move their game pieces around the board, heading toward the winner's circle. They collect PASS and BLOCK cards as they go. PASS cards will assist you while BLOCK cards impede you. Passing and Blocking adds a dimension of strategy and planning not seen in other games.

No matter your native language, Volangulary™ will help you discover whether you really know the meanings of everyday words, and how to use them properly.

Test your skills in one or more languages regardless of your age. Multiple game levels are included, enabling kids to play against kids, adults against adults, or kids against adults. Anyone can win!

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Repeated exposure to words helps to increase vocabulary and spelling abilities much faster than if one were only exposed to words at one's grade level. Playing the game against those with more advanced vocabularies will also allow a player to attain a vocabulary above his or her grade level. The brain acts like a sponge, soaking up all the words as a result of repeatedly seeing and hearing them being used. This retention of the words through repetitive use is called The Brain Sponge SyndromeTM The increase in vocabulary skills builds confidence when conversing with others. Volangulary enhances spelling, reading, comprehension, and oratory skills leading to improved grades in school and on the SAT and other standardized tests. The ultimate result is that a person playing the game will have the English vocabulary, language, and comprehension skills necessary to be successful in all areas of life. By playing this game together as a family, the family gets to spend quality time having fun while learning.

ESL (English as a Second Language) students find Volangulary to be a great learning tool as well. The words they learn while playing the game get reinforced by continued visual, verbal, and auditory exposure giving students a base that they can build upon at their own pace as they continue to play the game. Volangulary is also useful to a player who wants to learn a second language. The game allows one to learn the language in a comfortable setting where giving an incorrect answer would be a fun and entertaining event as opposed to an embarrassing one if it were to occur in public.

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Great for Learning English
How to Play
ESL (English as a Second Language) students gain a great learning tool in using the Volangulary game. The words they learn in school are reinforced through game play that is fun and gives them a rudimentary exposure that they can build upon at their own pace as they continue to play the game daily and become more adept.

Volangulary is especially useful for the non English speaking foreigners learning and speaking the English language in a country where English is the primary spoken language. It allows a person to learn the language in a friendly home setting where giving an incorrect answer can be a hilarious event as opposed to an embarrassing one in a public setting. Conversely, in a country where English is not the primary language, one can learn English in a friendly setting. English speakers interested in learning other languages can use Volangulary's cross-language versions. For example, one may use the English-Spanish version of Volangulary to learn Spanish. The same is true for learning any foreign language regardless of your native language.

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Volangulary is truly a fun game to play. In the Junior version, you pick a Word card at your age or grade level and attempt to give the definition as shown on the flip side of the card before the timer runs out. If your answer is correct, you advance along the board, but if you're incorrect, you stay right where you are! Don't know the answer? No need to worry, just say "pass". Careful now, your opponents will get a pass card which may help them win the game. First player to make it to the winning globe space wins the game!

In the Senior version, players get penalized for giving an incorrect definition, and block cards add another dimension to the game. Your opponent may use a block card to stop you from winning. The object is to define the most words so that you can win! The more you play the game the more your vocabulary and language skills improve. 

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150 Canterbury Court
East Windsor, NJ 08520
Ph: 609-915-7912
Alt Phone: 888-865-4263 ext 515

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