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The information here is historical archives established to preserve and care for the unique products of the Toy Industry.

Ttalf Corporation was founded in 2005 by Patricia and Charles Littwin. Our plant is located in Statesville, North Carolina where we contract the labor from Goodwill Industries. We currently manufacturer, market and distribute the Yackle Ball product line nationally and have expanded internationally into five other Countries. Yackle Ball was the first division of Ttalf Corporation followed by Yackle Ball Jr. and Night Yackle. is no longer active

Yackle Ball
Yackle Ball Jr.
Yackle Ball is America’s NEW X shaped ball that's great for everyone regardless of age or athletic ability and it actually goes farther than a football because of its phenomenal aerodynamics.

Yackle Ball starts about 5-6 years old for boys and 7-8 for girls. We also have Yackle Ball Jr. for the little ones. Currently, there are over a half dozen games right up to a full team sport that has been introduced into some schools and even some college students are playing. The ball and games combine to create a wonderful energetic outdoor activity the whole family can play. So whether your family is large or small, everyone can get in on the action.

One of Yackle Ball's best attributes is how easy the ball is to catch, even for the littlest of hands or the clumsiness of people. Its soft construction reduces the fear of being hit with the ball and the X-shape makes a beginner's "hug catch" more likely to work. Where round balls fall through a hug catch, Yackle Balls "arms" make it easy to catch. Those same qualities make it user-friendly for children with developmental delays or physical disabilities. They’re awesome to throw and its impressive aerodynamics and momentum created by its spinning effect makes it travel farther than a football without needing superman strength. It’s constructed of premium quality water-resistant marine vinyl so they’re awesome at the beach. Yackle Ball is safe and durable; allowing for years of excitement and fun.

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Yackle Ball Jr. was created because so many children are beginning to give up on outdoor activities too early. The ball has many amazing benefits but what stands out the most are the TOP 3…

SOFTNESS – Because the ball is soft Yackle Ball Jr. is safe and it eliminates the Fear Factor in children. Children are not born with fear, they learn it. Yackle Ball Jr. allows a child to learn to catch without getting hurt!

CONFIDENCE — That brings us into the SHAPE of the ball… it is shaped like an X so that the ball hugs the child back when they learn to catch. Think about it, most children wrap their arms out and a traditional ball will fall through, which means the child failed to catch it and so it breaks down her or his confidence. With Yackle Ball Jr. the ball will hug them back and so they learn how to catch!

FUN – If the ball isn’t fun, the kids will drop it like a hot potato and move on to something else! Our children want to have fun but they need an activity that is challenging enough to keep their interest yet easy enough that they don’t get frustrated! Yackle Ball Jr. has games that are education.

By learning early to play with Yackle Ball Jr. it prepares children for all sports! Many children with special needs or motor skill difficulties use the ball as a therapy tool to strengthen Hand-eye-coordination skills, gain the ability to play outdoor activities in a safe and healthy way not otherwise easily achieved and best of all…feel proud of themselves when they can be as good as everyone else!

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Night Yackle
Additional Colors
“Taking Night time play to the X-treme”

  • Glow bands allow for visualization of opponents
  • Phenomenal Aerodynamics increases throwing Distance
  • Unique Glow-in-the-Dark spinning patterns
  • Challenges capabilities and strengthens athletic performance
  • Water Resistant for Fun at the Beach
Night Yackle is our latest product to roll out. As 100% Made in the USA just like our other Yackle Ball product lines. Glow-in-the-Dark is a hot trend and our retailers are following it with us! Glow-in-the-Dark wrist bands are included and shirts with Glow-in-the-Dark bull’s-eye are available as an accessory.

Games include:

Touch the Stars: Played alone or with multi players
Freeze Yackle: Played with multi players
Two Peas and a Pod: Played Played with three players
Hot Yackle: Played with an odd number of players
Smack ‘em Ball©: Played with Teams of 6 or more players

Complete game rules available on Website.

Watch the Night Yackle Video Watch Video Now
Yackle Ball is available in:

Black & White
Red & White
Black & Red
Navy & Yellow
Yellow & White
Pink & White
Blue & White
Purple & White
Black & Capri
Green & White
Purple & Yellow
Black & Gold
Navy & White
Orange & White
Black & Orange
Navy & Orange
Green & Orange
Red & Gold
Capri & Yellow
Burgundy & White
Burgundy & Grey

Yackle Ball Jr. is available in:

Blue & White
Pink & White
Black & White
Black & Pink
Black & Blue
Capri & Yellow
369 S. Main Street
Troutman, NC 28166
Ph: 704-528-1130
Fax: 704-528-1131
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