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The Haywire Group headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts is one of the industry’s hottest new producers of games! Founded in 2005, Haywire develops, publishes and distributes award winning games for kids and families. Please visit our booth at the ASTRA Marketplace in June, the New York International Gift Fair in August, the International Gift Exposition in the Smokies in November, the Fall Toy Preview in October and at the American International Toy Fair in February.

Worry Eaters
Taco Takeover
The award-winning plush from Europe finally makes it stateside for children coast to coast to cuddle. When times get rough, kids can jot down their frets, worries and fears and feed it to Worry Eater. As child sleeps, mom or dad tiptoes in and discovers the scary concern. Next day a solution or discussion can be shared between child and grownup. A much healthier way to deal with stress and worry! $15.99 (S) & $22.99 (L)
Styles in both small and large sizes: Schnulli, Saggo, Enno and Polli
Available in large only: Flint, Bill, Betti and Flamm

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Ready, Set, TACO! Take an order ticket, grab a taco shell and be the first player to stuff your shell with all the correct toppings! It's fast, fun, and NACHO average game!

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Word Pirates!®
Flickin' Chicken®
Spell words, build bridges, and block your way to the Treasure, matey! Arrgh!

Players make their way towards the treasure by creating paths of words and bridges across the shark infested waters. Cunning pirates make good use of rock walls to block their enemies from reaching the pirate loot first.

Now more game play!

Enjoy endless play with a two-sided dry erase game board.  Pick the original game board or the new updated shark attack mode.  For 2-4 players.

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They bounce and they roll, but the goal is to hit the target in this nine-round game that combines miniature golf with rubber chicken tossing. It's quirky, fun for all ages and can be played virtually anywhere. Nowhere else are you going to have a great time throwing rubber chickens!

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P.O. Box 51084
Indian Orchard, MA 01151
Ph: 413-543-3020
Fax: 413-543-6663

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