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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 8/22/2007

We are a company that has adopted the task of entertaining the American public while advocating immigrants rights and use "The Illegal Game" as a platform to discuss immigrants issues, since we are ALL immigrants or descendants of immigrants, aren't we?
The Illegal Game
The game depicts the lives of undocumented illegal aliens in New York. It begins as players arrive at JFK airport and start living a rollercoaster adventure that might include getting mugged in the subway, learning ESL, getting fired or winning the lottery. Players could even get arrested and deported or get sick. The game is in English and Spanish and can be a bilingual game for ESL Schools.

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The Professions card, stays with you while you are playing, since it indicates the salary you are to collect every week. If you get another profession card, you can keep it if you wish hold two or three jobs at the same time. You can hold up to three jobs.

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Completing the Game
Follow the instructions on the game board only when you land on them, not as you pass. (Except when it comes to 'Pay day', every time you pass Pay Day you get pay, even if you don't land exactly on it). That is collect your salary as you pass. This is the only exception, you are entitled to your salary as you pass, you don't need to have an exact landing, but if you land right on the Pay day square, collect twice your salary. All bills have the value of an imaginary game dollar, whether Euro, Liras, Sucres, Pesos, Franks, etc., so 1000 liras is the same as 1000 dollars or 1000 Pesos, for the purposes of the game.

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All players that retire win. To retire, only a perfect landing on the final square is allowed. At the end of the game, if you have 6 or less spaces to go, you need that exact number to come out on the die in order to beat the game, if you get more on the die than what you need, wait for your next turn before trying again. Your game ends on the square that reads: Retire happy, were the retired players can walk into the Sunshine scenery area, to wait for the rest of the players (Imagine that!) Retire back to your country, move to Florida or Hawaii, whatever is your dream.

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PO Box 340571
Rochdale Village, NY 11434
Ph: (718) 323-9559
Fax: (718) 848-8080

This ToyShow archives was last updated on 8/22/2007
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