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Geospace International is turning 30 years in the toy business in 2015!  Based in Seattle, Geospace has been an industry leader in bringing you unique, active, and educational toys.  Geospace has been the recipient of many awards over the years and continues to gather national and international acclaim.  Popular Geospace brands are PUMP ROCKET® Air-Powered Rockets, JUMP ROCKET™ Air-Powered Rockets, AIR KICKS® Anti-Gravity Boots, WALKAROO™ Stilts, JUMPROO® Pogo Sticks, WORDSPIN® Spin Games, SPARKLER™ LED Active Play, BEASTY BUDDIES and many more!  Check out our toys in action using any of the website links below.

Pump Rocket(r) Air Archer(tm)
GEOFLUX(tm)- Interactive Spring Toy
Using our Brand New Patented BUNGEE Power system, the AIR ARCHER(tm) can propel safe, soft foam rockets up to 150 ft! The AIR ARCHER(tm) is another revolutionary item added to the award winning PUMP ROCKET(r) line!

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The GEOFLUX(tm) is made of one continuous band of steel to make a brilliant, extra rugged spring. The GEOFLUX(tm) will effortlessly flow up and down your arm or pass to a friend.  When not in use it makes for a great desk sculpture. Winner of multiple awards!

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Here’s an amazing new throwing game that gives kids the arm of an NFL quarterback. SKY CATCHERS™ makes it almost effortless to launch the Tripod Rocket up to 100 feet...and catch it just as easily. As soon as they see it in action, kids pocket their i-phones and come running. Simple and intuitive to learn, the added leverage of the Launcher Stick multiplies arm strength for incredible throws, while easily snagging the Tripod legs of the returning Rocket. Kids have a blast creating contests to reward greatest distance, height,and precision. Ages 5 & Up.

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When the sun goes down, our LED-emblazoned JUMP ROCKET™ go UP! Way up! Light up the night and dazzle the neighborhood with our new JUMP ROCKET™ LED NIGHT SHOTZ™ Set. We’ve added LED lights to the rockets to give them bold and dramatic effects after sunset (and in daylight, too). Includes jump pump, launch pad and 3 LED Rockets with soft, safe foam nose cones. Ages 4 & Up.

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3931 Leary Way NW
SEATTLE, WA 98107-5403
Ph: 206-547-2556
Fax: 206-547-1671
Alt Phone: 800-800-5090

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