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Established in January 2007, Mazeology is a small, family run business that designs and produces original games, toys, stationary items and maze books for the 6 to 12 year old and tween markets. Most of our products have an underlying educational element. We sell to specialty toy, gift and museum stores. We have no dollar minimums per order & low minimums per style. We strive to keep all products in stock to make reordering easy. Playtime is a great time for learning.

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Mummy Maze: The Tomb Treasures Maze Book
My Invisible Diary
Join Professor Archie Ologist on the Mummy Maze expedition and encounter one surprise after another while collecting the clues to decipher the Mummy’s mysterious hieroglyphic message! Mummy Maze shelves like a book and uniquely folds open to 28 pages of 12” by 18” original illustrations that are also mazes. Every page is filled with educational facts about Ancient Egypt woven into a fun filled tale of adventure. Great for 8 to 12 year-olds; even some 6 year-olds can solve these difficult mazes. Maze answers are in the back. 36 pages, 9” by 12” closed.

MSRP: $19.99. Min. order: 3 units. Always in stock.

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Where secrets stay secret! The messages that kids & tweens write in these diaries with invisible ink markers can only be read under UV light. By hiding the Mini UV Light in a safe place, the diary stays invisible and the secrets stay secret! Each set includes a locking 240 page diary with two keys, mini UV light (batteries are replaceable) and two invisible ink pens in a reusable 6.5” by 7” magnetic closure keep-sake box. Three styles are in stock now: Castle, Merlin and Fairy.

MSRP: $19.99. Min. order: 3 units of a style.
New styles will be introduced at the 2008 trade shows, come see us!

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Dino Composition Book
Senet: The Ancient Tomb Treasures Game
Fun and colorful composition books that children never lose! Inside both the front and back covers are dinosaur mazes to solve with related fun, educational information too. 7.5” by 9.75”, color covers with 160 ruled pages inside.

MSRP: $12.99. Min. order: 3 units. Always in stock.
(Also available – The Mummy Composition Book.)

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For thousands of years, Senet was the most popular game in the ancient world ― until the rule book was lost. We have brought Senet back with a modern rule book, a colorful game board and ten beautiful playing pieces. Easier than chess and more complicated than checkers, this two player game is a combination of strategy and luck. So simple enough that a 5-year-old can learn, yet holds the interest of adult game play. Great for parent/child interaction. Enjoy the new classic that backgammon and cribbage are thought to have originated from. Non-phthalate lead-free hand painted playing pieces. Available January 2008.

MSRP: $19.99. Min. order: 3 units.

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New York, NY 10014
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