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Active Minds is furthering the cause of game at a time! Why? Education seems to have become a forgotten word in many schools and vocabularies today. One of the most effective ways to inspire student achievement is to make learning fun! Founder of Advantage Education Foundation, helping abandoned, abused and neglected children where ever possible. Look for our iPhone App coming soon. A unique spelling game cleverly disguised as fun!

"The game Comet, The Fast Path to Learning is a fabulous board game for kids. It helps them learn definitions of words and how to spell and to reiterate their vowels. The multiple choice questions are great! They help them to choose the best answer if they don't know the definition. The kids love the design of the comet on the game board and they get very excited about advancing forward and being the first one to the finish line. I also love how the words are not to difficult for them to learn. I highly recommend this game for all children ages 9+ to play. My 9 year old son and 12 year old daughter love this game! I do too." — Emma Perkins - Title One Site Contact - Clark County School District - Crestwood Elementary

Comet® The Fast Path to Learning
Comet® The Fast Path to Learning - Family Edition
Comet® The Fast Path to Learning currently introduces several editions, including the Family, Bible and Children’s Game Card Edition.

Builds vocabulary, Aids reading comprehension, Improves writing skills, and Promotes confidence in conversation at school and work.

Number of players: 2 or more.
Playing time 45-60 minutes.
Time to learn – 3 minutes.
500 cards in every game.

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The Family Game offers the best knowledge in Science, Geography, History, Health and much more.

Based on multiple choice answers, choose the correct word, spell the word, state the number of vowels…win a Bonus Card. Roll the dice, everyone has a chance to win!

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Comet® The Fast Path To Learning - Bible Edition
Comet® The Fast Path To Learning - Children's Game Cards
The Bible Game is a fun new way to explore the Bible. Learn amazing facts about characters, Angels, events and Scripture.

Watch the Comet® The Fast Path To Learning - Bible Edition Video Watch Video Now

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The Children’s Game Card Edition is an expansion deck for children 8-10, with the same topics as the Family Game.

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One Gunfighter Lane #104
Blue Diamond, NV 89004
Ph: 702-759-6138

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