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Created in 1986, GFC Georgia LLC has revived the strategic game Tri-Cross™ after 22 years of absence. The rules have remained the same, but everything else has been immensely improved; including the game board, the game pieces, and the packaging overall.

Quick to learn and play, Tri-Cross™ is a fast-paced game that challenges you every step of the way.

Tri-Cross™ is a game that requires strategy before the first game piece is even placed. It evolves from poker-like play (reading your opponent) into total strategy (much like chess). Play takes less than 30 minutes, and the more times one plays, the more challenging the game becomes.

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There are no ties or draws, and beginners should not be totally intimidated, since they still have an outside chance to win against the pros. The game is for two to four players and features five variations of play.

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P.O. Box 871107
Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Ph: 770-452-7987
Fax: 770-452-8138
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