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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 3/17/2008

Our goal at A&J Suppliers is to create fun for everyone through innovation and design. We are committed to improvement and growth. We understand what it takes to create a solid product that is entertaining for all. We simply want to improve the joy for everyone with our products.

Product Information
Uber Throws
The UberDart is the ultimate outdoor throwing toy. With the ability to fly 200 feet and be thrown 12 different ways, the UberDart is unlike any other toy on the market today. With a traditional ball, a user is limited to the number of games to play. But, with the UberDart’s unique throwing style and size, a number of games can be played including Uber lawn darts, UberDart 5000, football, tag, ultimate Frisbee and battle darts. It is perfect for a day at the beach, park, or yard. The UberDart weighs in at about 20 ounces and measures 32 inches in length. It is constructed out of soft EVA, PU and PE foams. The UberDart has been ASTM safety tested for ages 6 and up.
There are twelve throws to be mastered with the UberDart. Check Website for instruction on how to perform all the throws
*Spear *Bowler
*Dive Bomber

Product features:
Pricing and Packaging
Flies up to 200 feet
Soft and light
12 different throws        
Great for group activities  
Ages 6 and up
Easy to throw and catch
Trendy name
Great for families

Box: 16 darts per box
Labeling: Each dart is individually labeled
Fixture: The product is shipped inside a point of sale fixture
Marketing Material: DVDs and Posters can be available upon request The final invoice and safety certificate will be shipped inside the shipping box

Wholesale: $6.5 per dart
Shipping: Depends on location
Suggested Retail: $12 to $15
35395 Oakwood Drive
St. Helens, OR 97051
Ph: (503)-397-7834
This ToyShow archives was last updated on 3/17/2008
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