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Wee Blossom is the U.S. Distributor of Weplay products. Weplay has remarkably innovative children's products used for creative play, exercise, movement, balance and coordination. They have won multiple international design awards for excellence in quality and in childhood development. Wee Blossom is also the U.S. distributor for Award winning Tieramid Creative Blocks which sharpen perceptual, fine motor, dexterity, and cognitive skills. Wee Blossom's goal is to provide excellent customer service and the finest of products to all of our clients.

Please visit our website at and click on the Weplay and Tieramid icons to view our other great products.

Products include bikes, trikes and scooters; jumping and massage balls; chairs and tables; creative play toys; tactile products for balance and coordination and soft play gym items. Weplay items are constructed with great quality to hold up to the rigors of childhood play.

Large items can be drop shipped and minimum order amounts apply. All products have passed ASTM safety testing.

WePlay Rocking Seesaw
WePlay We-Blocks
More than just a toy the Weplay Rocking Seesaw is a challenging balance tool and toy. It has a rubber anti-slip design that allows for sensory stimulation and helps to prevent injury. The left to right movement helps to develop coordination and balance. Once kids master the basic seesaw action, they can increase the difficulty level by walking and spinning on the seesaw.

Characteristic that sets this product apart:
The Weplay Rocking Seesaw is a fun piece of gym equipment that will help kids learn the basic skills of physical balance, body awareness and coordination.

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The rich colors and patterns of the We-Blocks will evoke a child’s curiosity and desire to explore as well as fulfill their imagination. There are three sets in this series: the Tactile Cube, the Reflector Cube and the Construction Tower. The Tactile Cube set consists of 6 blocks, 2 pink with dot pattern, 2 green with grid pattern and 2 blue with concentric circles and have anti-slip pads to allow use as a walkway. The Reflector Cube set consists of 6 anti shatter mirrored blocks in yellow, pink and green. Mirrors include concave, convex, and funhouse. The Construction Tower set consists of 4 green blocks with a solid square design, 2 yellow blocks with an open square "window" design, 2 blue blocks with an open "rectangular" design and 2 pink triangular blocks. Blocks fit together like puzzle pieces.

Characteristic that sets this product apart:
The dot, grid and concentric circle patterns of the Tactile Cube are tactile stimuli with different intensity. The mirrors of the Reflector Cube are concave, convex and funhouse to give different ways to visually explore. The Construction Tower set adds windows and triangle pieces for another level of play.

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WePlay Rocking See Saw Maze
WePlay Brick Me
Using one of the two supplied balls, work it through the maze and then challenges your senses by using two! Your final challenge is to get one ball in each of the small maze indentations! Challenging but fun! Age graded 3+ ~ 19 ½” wide ~ max weight 88 pounds.

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Brick Me is a large scale, lightweight, plastic interlocking building block set. The large size and bright colors encourage endless creativity. Building colorful creations will develop imagination, hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Suitable for ages 2 and up.

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P.O. Box 2229
Dacula, GA 30019
Ph: 888-933-4769
Fax: 888-933-4760

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