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World Domination LLC is dedicated to providing long lasting entertainment, designing games with the strategic depth to stay fresh time and again, and constructing them from durable, high-quality materials.

The Massive vs The Masses
Defending the City
In The Massive Vs. The Masses, one player controls a giant, city destroying monster, trying to eliminate all of the screaming citizens of Tokyo...

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... while the other player commands a vast army, attempting to bring the monster down.

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The Board
Game Play
The board is comprised of two extremely durable masonite sections, which interlock in various ways, allowing multiple sets to be combined for larger team games, or mixing and matching with future games in the same line.

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Both players control the action through a combination of strategically maneuvering units on the board, and playing cards to deploy additional forces, or use special abilities.

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11 West End Ave.
Niantic, CT 06357
Ph: (860)-739-3107

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