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The Bead Shop 

The Bead Shop has been in existence for seven years. We design and manufacture "tween" girl products. Our company has built a reputation for high quality products. Our components include glass, metal, and ceramic beads from artisans around the world. Our kits and accessories are contemporary in design and teach life-long craft skills in jewelry making and design. All kits include full instructions geared for the "tween" crafter. Our hope is that after grasping these skills, the "tween" will take this knowledge and continue the creative process.

The Fashion Angel brand has become hotter-than-hot, with fans clamoring for more. So the Fashion Angels at The Bead Shop have decided to give them what they want: a full stationery product lineup with those Fab Four glamour girls stamped all over. Come by Booth #2243 at American International Toy Fair to see for yourself what all the fuss will be about. Of course, there will be plenty of the trademark beads and fab kits, as well. Would you expect anything less?


Fashion Angels™ Little Sisters
Fashion Angels Chronicles & Collectibles
Item # 85006
Disguised as a fat book on the shelf, this yummy keeper is really a scrapbook of sorts, but better. If you have the key, open the lock and notice the nine frames inside the front cover for pictures of nine of your BFFs, pets, fam, whatever. Next is the cover page warning all who don’t belong to get out, scram, vamos.
Fashion Angel Photo Note Box
Fashion Angel Design Kit
Spread apart the two diagonal halves of the cube and inside you’ll find three levels of containers each stocked with various sizes and shapes of notepads. Of course, some gel pens are included to make the notewriting even cooler. But coolest of all is that the cube doubles as a four-sided picture frame when you slide pics of your BFFs into the clear plastic windows on the outside edges. Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.

The Bead Shop
4114 N. Oakland Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53211


Archived 12/23/03

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