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Noodle Head, Inc. 

Noodle Head Inc. is a company that promotes creative fun for active kids. Our craft kits and activity toys encourage imagination, physical activity and fun. Get out and play!


The Amazing Jelly Flyer™
The Amazing Jumbo Jelly Flyer™
What’s so amazing about the Jelly Flyer? It’s a new evolution in the flying disk. We’ve moved beyond the hard, hurts-to-catch-it kind. The Amazing Jelly Flyer is so floppy and flexible; you have to feel it to believe. It feels like jelly but flies like a jet!

Just 4 inches in diameter, the Jelly Flyer is safe indoors, or let it loose on the great outdoors. In 5 vibrant colors, no kid will want just one!

This larger 8 inch diameter version of the Jelly Flyer is great for wild yet safe outdoor play. It flies far and does stunts never seen with a plastic disk. It is easy and soft to catch …never hurts the hands, even for small children. Squish it up and take it anywhere! This high-tech silicone material won’t fade, harden, or crack.

Flip Flop Fun!™
4. Color Your Own… Chinese Kite
This “Decorate your own” Flip Flop sandal kit allows children to express their own creativity and style. Flip Flops are back and more stylish than ever! The kit includes one pair of sandals, flexible pearlescent 3D paints, waterproof glue, acrylic jewels and sequins. The paints are safe, so when you’re done with your flip-flops, you can decorate fingers, toes, and clothes!
Add your own designs and color to traditionally crafted Chinese Kites! Simple pre-printed patterns on nylon fabric are attached to a bamboo frame. Kit contains 10 high intensity markers to “paint” your own kite. Fun to decorate, and easy to assemble. The finished kite can be flown (includes string) or used to decorate a kid’s room!

Noodle Head, Inc.
12211 E Broadway Ave.
Spokane, WA 99206

Toll Free: (866) 892-7311
Fax: (509) 892-7488

Archived 1/8/04

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