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Rio Grande Games publishes high quality family strategy games that are high on replayability and educational value while being great fun!


Ricochet Robot
Frank’s Zoo
Four robots move in a warehouse. As they have no brakes, they must rely on obstacles such as walls and other robots to to stop. Once stopped, they use nozzles to move in a direction away from that obstacle, allowing them to “turn”. From time to time, they receive a request to move to one of the 17 targets in the warehouse and they rely on the players to provide them with instructions to move to the targets.

Each turn, a player draws a chip to determine the next target and the robot that must reach it. The players search for the shortest moves to the target, using one or more of the robots. The player who finds the shortest route receives the chip as a reward. The player who takes the most chips, is the winner! Any number may play this game, making it a great party game, “If you love puzzles, sci-fi B movies, or just plain off-the-wall humor, this game’s for you!”
- Robin H. King, Games Magazine
The cards in this game feature some very cute animals by Doris Matthäus. It is a trick-taking game played with changing partners over several hands. In each hand, the players try to be the first to get rid of all of their cards, but there are special cards that can add or subtract from a player’s score.

Thus, players’ scores are based on how early in the hand they get rid of all their cards and what cards they take in tricks.

A clever tile-laying game. The southern French city of Carcassonne is famous for its unique Roman and Medieval fortifications. The players develop the area around Carcassonne and deploy their followers on the roads, in the cities, in the cloisters, and in the fields. The skill of the players to develop the area will determine who is victorious.
It is the 1900’s and America’s railroads are booming. Each player has a set of 5 cities that he must connect with a network of railroads. The players start their networks separately, but, eventually, the networks will interconnect. When networks are connected, the players may extend the network from any place on the network they can reach. When a player’s 5 cities are connected, the round end and losing players lose points based on how far they are from connecting their cities. After several rounds, the player who has the most points, wins the game!

1804 Platte River Rd.
Rio Rancho, NM 87124


Archived 1/6/04

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