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Yackle Ball Jr. Game Rules by TTALF
Yackle Ball Jr. Game Rules

Repetition Game: Played alone or compete with others while air bouncing the ball, see how many times you can catch it on the same color or alternate between the two colors.

Colors Game: Two players or teams each choose a different color of the ball. Throw the Yackle Ball to each other and catch it on the color you choose. Catch on your color to get 1 point for a two handed catch and 2 points for a 1 handed catch. If you catch the ball on your opponent’s color they score 1 point. First person or team to reach 21 wins. Play several matches and as you play a new game, throw the ball faster and faster. Best score of 5 games wins the match.

Numbers Game: For two or more players. Write 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the end of each leg. Version 1- While sitting in a circle, air bounce the ball. Use the number you catch to keep score then pass to the next person and repeat. Version 2- Play catch, throw the ball to the next person and that player uses the number caught for their score. Whether you play Version 1 or 2 keep playing until a score of exactly 35 is reached.  If you pass 35 you must subtract the number caught from your total score. The first person to reach 35 wins.

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