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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 3/26/2009

Zillio Inc makes fun engaging games to strengthen conceptual understanding and fluency of 10 essential math skills. Zillio enriches children's lives through math and is presently in homes, after school programs, tutoring centers, schools (Pre-K to High School) and even teaching colleges. Our powerful patented Mountain of math is engaging, thought-provoking fun for the whole family. Don't be surprised if math becomes your favorite activity!

Click here to see our video of Zillio used in elementary schools:

Contact us if you are interested in distributing Zillio through your retail store, catalogs, online catalog, or want to become a dealer representative. E-mail wholesale inquiries to:
The Times Tables You Can Touch!
Mini Zillio
Learn and play with 10 essential math skills on Zillio™. Zillio has 12 colorful staircases based upon multiplication tables. The visual and tactile relationships between steps enable kids to discover and master difficult math concepts. Everyone will compete and collaborate in a series of imaginative games for different skill levels: mountain goats scramble to the top, pirates claim sunken treasure, and birds take flight. In addition to math skills, Zillio encourages intuitive thinking and rewards problem solving by revealing the meaning behind the math.

And what's even better, it is not just for the kids. It is for anyone who wants to keep their minds sharp and reasoning skills agile in a whole new way.
Mini Zillio handles numbers up to 36, and measures 18" x 18" x 8", compared to Mega Zillio's 27" x 27" x 12.5". It is perfect for up to 4 players at a time.

Watch the Mini Zillio Video Watch Video Now
What's inside?
Mega Zillio
Each Zillio comes with a game booklet with over 20 fun-filled games, 3 dice and 12 foam cards with reusable tokens.
If you want even more, you want Mega Zillio — Handles numbers up to 60, and measures 27" x 27" x 12". It does everything the Mini does but can have up to 6 players at a time and the same games require more challenging play and problem solving to come out on top.
825 Oak Grove Ave Ste D201
Menlo Park, CA 94025-4438
Ph: 650-323-6136
Fax: 413-375-1598
This ToyShow archives was last updated on 3/26/2009
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