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For over 45 years Rhythm Band Instruments has been providing quality products for music education and enjoyment in early childhood and elementary schools. We believe that music is an important part of your child's development and studies show that the best academic students are those that participate in music and arts programs. Whether you are a music educator, a church music director, or simply a parent that wants to introduce your child to the wonders of making music we have what you need.

Boomophone™ XTS Whack Pack
C Major Diatonic Boomwhackers® Set
This innovative product expands the versatility of the popular Boomwhackers® Musical Tubes by enabling them to be played like a xylophone. The Whack Pack contains: the 8-tube Boomwhackers® C Major Diatonic Scale Set; XyloTote™ Tube Holder; Boomwhacker Whacker™ Mallets; Octavator™ Tube Cap that lowers the pitch of any Boomwhackers® tube by a full octave; Whack-a-Doodle-Doo! Songbook and instructions.

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This 8-note set allows more songs to be played and is generally preferred over the pentatonic scale by most music educators and people more familiar with music. This is our most popular set.

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Chroma-Notes Hand Bells
Kidsplay Spinner
Top quality construction and accurate intonation make this 8 Note Handbell Set the best value available.
C-c range, each of the 8 metal bells are marked with the proper note and number to help children learn the musical scale.

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The KIDSPLAY® product line has been carefully selected for successful use in the home and school. Economically priced and designed with special appeal to children ages four and up, KIDSPLAY® attracts customers AND SALES!

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P.O. Box 126
Fort Worth, TX 76101
Ph: 800-424-4724
Fax: 800-784-9401

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