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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 2/9/2009

Burgess Products, a manufacturer of novel innovative toy products that encourage a child’s imagination to soar, proudly introduces The Glowberry Bears, a new line of plush toys for 2009! The Glowberry Bears are entertaining interactive pals that are also a huggable cuddly night-light. There are a total of five Glowberry Bears in the collection. Each one is a different color and has a unique personality and voice. Squeeze its right paw and it becomes a huggable cuddly night-light. Tickle its tummy and it will giggle and glow, and when two Glowberry Bears are in the same proximity they can talk to each other.

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Toy Fair 2009, Booth #4875
Feb.15 - 18, New York

Glowberry Bears - Little Glow
Glowberry Bears - Twinkles
This Glowberry Bear is green, the youngest and cutest on the scene. Smart and athletic, he has it all, and is always there to help when his best friends call. Day after day, this fastest Glowberry Bear is out, discovering what Snooky Island’s all about.

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Twinkles is pink and just the kind of Glowberry Bear you’d think. She’s pretty and kind, and witty you’ll find. Besides her incredible ability to sing, the other Glowberry Bears will tell you she knows everything.

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Glowberry Bears - Summer Lightly
Glowberry Bears - Dusty McStardust
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, she’s always giggling and having a ball. This yellow Glowberry Bear is kind from head to toe, both her tummy and her personality glow.

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A bookworm to the core, this tan Glowberry Bear always wants to know more. When he’s not reading, he yearns to explore, and see which adventure is behind the next door.

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1415 Hwy 85 N.Suite 310-301
Fayetteville, GA 30214
Ph: 770-306-7048

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