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Gassun Limited, Inc., makers of the Original Gas-O-Matic® Fart Toy, is a company founded on the goal of injecting a healthy dose of laughter into a society that is becoming increasingly identified by the busy, high stress, tension-filled and overscheduled routines that fill our days. Our mission is to deliver on this goal through the development and promotion of quality products that will generate enjoyable and memorable life experiences for our customers.

Gassun Limited is the home of the Original Gas-O-Matic® Fart Toy.

Gassum Limited is currently looking for a licensee. Please contact us if you are interested.

The Original Gas-O-MaticŪ Fart Toy
Gas-O-MaticŪ Sphincters
The Original Gas-O-Matic® is a mechanical wind-up fart toy with an amazing repertoire of fart sounds sure to turn heads and disgust innocent bystanders! No more buying batteries for remote control models that are restricted a limited number of sounds. No more blowing up nasty latex balloons that are sure to pop after a handful of uses! Simply wind the center spinning device (aka the "Sphincter") of your Original Gas-O-Matic®, hide it under your leg, then give that umistakeable "fart lean" and rip it! The Original Gas-O-Matic® is proudly made in the USA using safe, high quality and durable materials for long lasting fun!

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Age and continual use will take it's toll on every sphincter. To address this concern, Gassun Limited is pleased to provide customers with a steady supply of extra sphincters! Each package contains two replacement sphincters made using high quality, high tech, vinyl coated stainless steel and durable polycarbonate plastic center, with 100% silicone high speed bands. These sphincters were scientifically engineered using Sphysics (Sphincter Science and Physics) to provide you with the most authentic flatulent sounds - nothing else compares!!!

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FartStrong Silicone Wristband
Stay Back 300 Feet T-Shirt
It is certain that everyone knows at least one "special someone" - whether it be your spouse, child, co-worker, boss, neighbor, or relative - who loves to fart. The Official Fartstrong Foundation wristband allows the wearer to share this love with the world, while also creating awareness about those less able to share their gift of audible flatulence with others (also known as Auditory Flatulence Deficits, or AFD). The makers of The Original Gas-O-Matic® are committed to stamping out AFD by encouraging others to "Live Long and FartStrong!"

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Give others fair warning with one of Gassun Limited's trendy OtisWear Apparel T-Shirts. With The Original Gas-O-Matic® logo on the front, this shirt spells it out clearly on the back with the warning to "Stay Back 300 Feet!" Other apparel designs include two "Who Farted" shirts featuring the company mascot, Otis, and a gray athletic apparel design. All T-Shirts are made from high quality 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

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4790 Irvine Blvd. #105-194
Irvine, CA 92620
Ph: 714-686-4044

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