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Ideopolis LLC launched Alphabotz as the first of many Ideopolis branded products. The partners all agreed that a technically sound, multi-strategy approach to reading—that was also fun and engaging—was missing from the juvenile marketplace. To fill this gap, the group created their first product in the Alphabotz line, the award-winning Superphonic Decoder Cards. Created by a teacher and parent, these cards jump start beginning reading skills by building lasting associations between sounds and the letters that represent them. To find out more about the Alphabotz, visit

The Amazing Alphabotz™ Superphonic Decoder Cards
Alphabotz Character Cards
Alphabotz is reading fun without formulas for children ages 3 and up, where the abstract concept of letters and sounds is personified through endearing robot characters. Instead of one learning method for all children, Alphabotz utilizes a proven combination of teaching strategies including phonics, phonemic awareness, sight words and language experience to engage the senses and accommodate different learning styles. With the help of the Alphabotz characters, children are encouraged to be creative and have fun, while learning along the way. Each Alphabotz Superphonic Decoder Card set includes (50) 4.5" x 10" cards enclosed in a sturdy box with a sliding drawer to hold the cards.

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Every character card introduces a different Alphabotz robot to the beginner reader. Each robot wears a letter or letter team on its chest and an icon on its head that serves as a constant visual reference to the sound the letter(s) makes. Each robot lives in a world where its objects, skills, home and friends all reinforce the letter(s)/sound on the robot’s chest. Although the robots are different in many ways, their unifying goal is to help children develop an interest in learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.

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Encompassing a Spectrum of Beginner Readers
Award Winning
The Alphabotz Superphonic Decoder Cards were developed to encompass a spectrum of beginner readers - from those who are just seeing letters for the first time, to the more advanced group that can expand their vocabulary by learning the Alphabot’s stats. These cards go way beyond the traditional A=Apple by introducing children to phonetic sounds of the English language, including digraphs, r-controlled vowels and more. In addition to being a tool to improve reading skills, these cards are meant to engage the child, stimulate creativity and imagination, and encourage active participation between children and adults (parents, grandparents, teachers, caretakers, etc.). The cards include a variety of games and activities that are designed to promote vital early literacy skills such as phonemic awareness and are geared toward children of various skill levels, making this product both an educational tool and a toy.

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The fun-filled and sturdy cards, not only have wowed parents, kids and educators but also caught the eye of industry experts like Dr. Toy, who awarded them the 100 Best Products for 2009 and Creative Child Magazine, who awarded them the 2009 Preferred Choice Award in the Educational Products category. To see a preview of upcoming Alphabotz products and to learn more about the Alphabotz Superphonic Decoder Cards, visit!

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17715 Eaglewood Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Ph: (225) 663-6012
Fax: (225) 612-0844

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