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Founded in 2000, Blue Orange Games is a leading creator of tabletop games that excite and challenge all ages. The company is driven to inspire families to “unplug” and connect face to face with the people who matter most by playing games together. Their catalog of over 40 award-winning products has earned a reputation for high play value, skill development, elegant simplicity, and continuous fun. The eco-friendly company focuses on high quality designs using durable materials and plants two trees for each tree used in game construction. · ·

Spot it! Alphabet Disney Frozen
Spot it! Numbers & Shapes Doc McStuffins
Winner of two Academy Awards®, Disney Frozen has captivated imaginations worldwide. Journey with Elsa and Anna, along with an enchanting cast, as they match images and letters. Familiar characters and objects invite kids to learn, while devoted fans will be swept into their wintry world. Between any two cards there is always one, and only one, match. Spot it first and you’ll never want to Let It Go!
© Disney

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The Doc is in, and it’s time to learn! This versatile matching game is a fun and rewarding way for preschoolers to learn numbers and shapes, the building blocks of math. With three ways to play, kids visually and verbally identify numbers, basic shapes, and images inspired by Doc and her stuffed-animal friends. Between two cards, there is always one match. Spot it and you win!
© Disney

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Tell Tale Disney Princess
Doodle Quest
Now, every girl can be a princess in the story of her own making! Create your own happily ever after with Tell Tale, a storytelling game with 100 detailed illustrations that will spark your imagination. Lay out a storyboard, build on another player’s tale, or improvise with random cards. Take turns spinning unique tales together based on the colorful image prompts. Play your choice of four game variations or come up with your own. From the kiss that awakened Sleeping Beauty to a magic carpet ride, get swept away in the classics and add unexpected twists!
© Disney

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Ages 6 & Up / 1 to 4 Players
This unique drawing game takes kids on a deep sea adventure to fulfill underwater quests with the power of their pens. Each quest card has a detailed illustration and drawing instructions. On their separate transparent sheets, players complete the drawing and must trust their eyes in order to meet targets and avoid obstacles. The sheets are then placed over the card to score their sketch’s success. With 36 quests and two levels, the bait of the challenge hooks kids for hours of fun!

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1000 Illinois St
San Francisco, CA 94107
Ph: (415) 252-0372
Fax: (415) 252-0369

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