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Founded on the philosophy of learning through play, Nano Magnetics is passionate about developing educational toys that spur creativity around the world. With the introduction of Nanodots, magnetic micro constructors, Nano Magnetics has taken constructor toys to a whole new level by offering the versatility of building blocks, the challenge of puzzles and the intricate nature of origami. Nanodots are currently sold in North America and across 4 other continents.

Nano Magnetics offers a full line of merchandising including MEGA Nanodots, the Nanopad & gaming board, the Magnetic Field Viewer & Splitter, and a growing community of online creations at

Nano currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest magnet sculpture and has been showcased in Hollywood and in major publications like Time Magazine, Popular Mechanics and FAZ.

To watch a video or learn more, visit

Nanodots 216 Magnetic Constructors
MEGA Nanodots
Nanodots are the spherical magnetic constructor dots that have taken the world by storm. Heralded as “Lego for Adults”, these award winning dots are massively addictive and curiously challenging.

Each package is assembled with a signature Nanodots "diamond" made with 211 dots + 5 spares and instruction manuals.  Now available in packs of 216, 125 or 64 dots and in four colors: Original, Black, Silver and Gold.

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MEGA Nanodots are a throwback to the collectible marble sensation of yesteryear, but with a magnetic twist! Striking a balance between kinetic and magnetic forces, these super-sized Nanodots(TM) let you experiment with the forces of Newton’s cradle, solve challenging build puzzles and play “Grow”, the Nanodots game of war. Available in packs of 30 and 64 pcs in three colors: Titanium Spectra, Black and Silver.

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Magnetic Field Viewer and Splitter
Nanopad Play Field and Gaming Board
Nanodots, how do they work? See for yourself with the Magnetic Field Viewer and Splitter. Straight from the labs of Nano Magnetics, the MFV Splitter allows you to see magnetic interactions, carve and divide creations while also serving as a Nanodot ruler. A must-have tool for every builder!

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Like how every great inventor has a lab, the Nanopad is the ideal platform for Nanodot creations. Made from a fusion of ferrous metal and fabric, the Nanopad is a flexible double-sided surface that is attracted to magnets but isn’t magnetic. Each Nanopad features an imprinted grid on one side making it an ideal play surface for chess, checkers, go, as well as role-playing and card games. Available in two sizes: 16" and 26".

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6957 2711 Centerville Rd.
Wilmington, DE 19808
Ph: 1-888-629-NANO
Fax: (888) 662-2291

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