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Learning to ride a bicycle is a milestone every parent wants to see their child achieve. Countless hours are spent teaching millions of children how to ride bicycles. The story goes - Parents purchase pedaled bicycles with training wheels and off goes their child learning to pedal on their big boy or girl bike. Neither balance nor proper steering is taught using the training wheel concept. Worse still is the false confidence and incorrect steering taught using training wheels.

How To Ride
It is all about balance and has little to do with training wheels and pedals. The KaZAM™ is the only run bike on the market uniquely designed with a foot rest. Children lift their feet up naturally and position them on to the foot rest maintaining proper balance and center of gravity similar to riding a traditional bicycle. It is the most realistic approach to learning coordination and balance; and ultimately teaching kids how to ride a pedaled bike.

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1. Place KaZAM bicycle on a smooth, flat surface at all times.

2. Sit with feet on the ground, lean slightly forward, and grip handle bars with hands.

3. To propel the bicycle forward, push by alternating with both feet continuously.

4. Place feet on the footrest and practice balancing while gliding.

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916 Abingdon Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Ph: 757.232.9655
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