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We are the Originators and Manufacturers of SHRINKY DINKS shrinkable plastics.

SHRINKY DINKS shrink to approximately 1/3rd their original size and actually become 9 times thicker. Simply place the SHRINKY DINKS piece you created into a Home Oven or Toaster Oven for 2 magic minutes. Watch as your creation gets smaller and smaller. It's "MAGICAL" and it's so quick and easy to do!

The very first SHRINKY DINKS were sold on October 17, 1973 at Brookfield Square Shopping Mall in Brookfield Wisconsin. Since that time there has been over 250 different Toy Activity and Craft Kits created and marketed.

Frosted Ruff N' Ready Shrinkable Plastic Pack
Assortment Shrinkable Plastic Pack
By far, our MOST POPULAR Shrinky Dinks Shrinkable Plastic. This pack contains 10 - 8 x 10 inch sheets of our Exclusive Frosted Ruff N' Ready Shrinkable Plastic. It's the plastic found in kits and books produced by Spin Master, Curiosity Kits, and Klutz. This plastic is actually clear plastic that has been machine roughened on one side. We recommend this plastic for use with children because colored pencils can be used to trace and color your selected image. (One low cost colored pencil we recommend is Crayola.) These sheets are unprinted, so let your imagination go.

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This Assortment Pack contains 2 - 8 x 10 inch sheets of each Shrinky Dink Shrinkable plastic that we produce...2 Bright White, 2 Almond, 2 Brown, 2 Black and 2 Frosted Ruff N' Ready. This pack allows you to creatively mix and match and lends itself to our New concept which we call FANTASTIC FUSIBLES.

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Bright White Shrinkable Plastic Pack
Shrinky Dinks for Computer Ink Jet Printer
This pack contains 6 - 8 x 10 inch sheets of our Bright White Shrinky Dinks Shrinkable Plastic. You must trace, draw, or rubber stamp with permanent medias on Bright White. The tracing pen we recommend is Pentel's MF50 Super Fine Point Permanent Ink Pen (Item D835). Pens by Sakura also work well. Rubber stamping on the Bright White is permanent and simple when you use Staz On Permanent Ink (Item D882). You may choose to color in your stamped images using Painters Paint Markers. Another color media is Kelly's Glass Stain paints. Rubber stampers like Kelly's because it does not cover outlines. Unique items can be created by combining Frosted Ruff N' Ready, and using Bright White as backing shapes.

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NEW AND IMPROVED! This redesigned pack of Shrinky Dink Ink Jet plastic has many new features that our customers have been requesting. This SHRINKY DINKS shrinkable plastic can be run through your computers ink jet or bubble jet printer. Choose any photo, lighten it by at least 50% and run the sheet of plastic through your printer to produce the image of your choice. You can create any number of wonderfully creative projects using your photos, computer graphics, or your own artwork. Choose pictures from your digital camera or scan in pictures from your photo albums. These new white sheets are larger, 8 1/2 x 11 inches so that printer adjustments are no longer necessary. Our improved sheets are also water resistant, so that sealing is no longer necessary. The newest version of Shrinky Dinks for Ink Jet printers is designed to be printed on BOTH sides. You can now print your image on one or both sides for added creativity. Each pack contains 6 sheets . Complete instructions are contained in every package of plastic. Recommended printers HP, Lexmark, Canon.

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PO Box 223
North Lake, WI 53064
Ph: 262-966-0305
Fax: 262-966-0306

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