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Can You Imagine develops, manufactures, and sells a broad range of innovative products through various from small independent specialty shops to the world's largest mass-market retailers.

Unlike many companies, Can You Imagine does not limit its products to tightly defined product categories. Rather, each product idea considered for development by the company is judged on its own merit and market potential. If it is determined that the product can be successfully marketed, the company will move forward to develop the product, even if it does not conveniently fit into one of the company's existing product categories.

This philosophy has contributed to the company's success and very diverse range of products.

Big Bang Rocket
Light-Up Bubbleizer
Can You Imagine turning a small piece of old newspaper into hours of fun? Can You Imagine a rocket that uses newspaper to create a BIG BANG landing? Can You Imagine playing with your rocket on any hard or soft surface such as grass, sand or concrete? We did!


Remember "caps"? They used to be the only way to create a big bang. Well this is better, safer AND it recycles old newspaper. Just tear or cut a small piece of newspaper and insert it into the Big Bang Rocket. Grab the tail, toss it in the air and wait for the BIG BANG. Use it over and over for hours of fun. Works on any surface - even soft surfaces like grass or sand!

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Can You Imagine creating magical bubbles and a light show at the same time? Can You Imagine watching the bubbles being created through the transparent body? Can You Imagine lighting the bubbles as they stream out and float in the air? Can You Imagine making bubbles that look great in the light or in the dark? We did!

Kids of all ages (including adults) will love creating bubbles with The Light-Up Bubbleizer. Watch in amazement as an endless stream of bubbles float out into the air while a light show lights the bubbles and entertains you at the same time. It's awesome! We even include a bottle of bubble solution. Easily refillable since any bubble solution will work! HAVE FUN BUBBLEIZING! Requires 3 AA batteries, included.

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The Party Roulette™ Game
Special FX Blaster
Can You Imagine at your next party playing a game so exciting that it will create laughter all over the room? We Did!

The rules of the game are simple!

  1. Pass the Party Roulette™ Revolver (with a balloon in place) to a friend.
  2. Your friend cocks the hammer & then pulls the trigger (hoping they can take their sho without popping the balloon).
  3. If the balloon doesn't pop, the Party Roulette™ Revolver gets passed to the next person.

The anticipation of the BIG BANG - if the balloon pops - is amazing! Watch your friends' faces as they wait to take their turn. What happens to the person who pops the balloon is entirely up to you - You create the rules!

The Party Roulette™ Game comes complete with everything you need. Have fun & enjoy the laughs.

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Enjoy a classic sci-fi adventure with the Special FX Blaster! Watch in amazement as the Special FX Blaster powers up with movie-quality light & sound effects with the simple pull of the trigger. The beautifully crafted rubberized body gives an authentic look and firm non-slip grip.

Whether you're young or not-so-young, fulfill your Sci-Fi fantasies with the Special FX Blaster. POWER IT UP or POWER IT DOWN, its under your control!

Requires 3 AA batteries, included. Comes in a display of 6 pieces.

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9314 Eton Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Ph: 818-727-9555
Fax: 818-727-1911
Alt Phone: 800-275-4624

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