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Twisterz Toys manufactures patented educational toys for young children.

Twisterz Toys are safe, durable and easy to use, perfect for travel, bedtime, the classroom, or anywhere around the house. Twisters inspire early developmental skills including creativity and imagination, logic, spelling, problem solving, and hand/eye coordination.

Our products are free of electronics and batteries. They are designed to inspire creativity, learning and parental involvement.

All Twisterz products meet or exceed US safety testing standards, including ASTM F963. They are produced using non-toxic materials.

Twisterz Alphabet Matcher
Twisterz Story Starter
Alphabet Matcher challenges children to choose a letter and find the five corresponding images that begin with that letter. For example, select the letter “F” and find Fish, Foot, Frog, Flower and Flag. An answer guide is included.

Alphabet Matcher engages skills ranging from logic to spelling. It contains three extra sets of rings, covering 24 letters and 120 colorful images.  A Dr. Toy Best 100 Children’s Product, and winner of the 2011 PAL (Play Advances Language) Award.

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The Story Starter is designed for shared use with young children and their caregivers. A child twists the rings in order to create one of several thousand combinations of story introductions. The caregiver can continue to tell a story from the introduction, or encourage the child to use his or her imagination and continue the story himself or herself.
Twisterz Word Builder
Clifford Category Matcher
Word Builder challenges children to build new words by twisting the rings in order to create different letter combinations. With the help of their caregivers, children learn how to use consonants and vowels to build words between two and six letters long.

The rings are easily removed and rearranged, creating nearly 14,000 possible words!
With the help of Clifford and his Friends, kids can twist the rings and match everyday items with their proper category. For example, line up the word "winter," and twist the rings to line up earmuffs, warm hat, scarf, gloves and snow boots. Helps develop logical thinking as well as motor skills.

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660 4th Street #511
San Francisco, CA 94107
Ph: (415) 295-4648
Fax: (415) 520-6825
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