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Fun Q Games, Inc. was founded by Jeanine and Daniel Calkin in 2006. The husband-and-wife team designs and manufactures their own original games.

They kicked off their product line in 2009 with the introduction of Smash or Trash, followed up with their award-winning game, Triplica, in 2010.

Fun Q Games was founded on the principle of creating new, fun and challenging games to bring families and friends closer together.

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Will you be the first to say "Arrrrr!" like a pirate when a circle appears? Or clap your hands at the sight of dots? Don't cheer "Hooray!" for a square though... that was last round.

Befuzzled is the exciting game that will have you laughing all night long!

Players take turns flipping over cards which show different shapes. Be the first to complete the correct action and you with that card! But watch out - each round shuffles the actions and their matching shapes. You score a point for each card awarded, and at the end of the game the player with the most points wins.

Befuzzled is easy to learn, and so much fun that you'll want to play over and over again!

For 3 to 8 players ages 7 and up. Playing time 30 minutes.

Contents: 24 Action Cards, 40 Flip Cards, 8 Shape Cards, and Rules.

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Play a card to make three in a row. How simple is that? Very simple... unless you are playing Triplica.

Players compete by placing cards to line up three in a row of the shape that matches their secret Goal. The first player to score five Goals wins! But beware... placing a card can help your opponents as easily as it can help you!

Triplica includes two multi-player games and a highly addictive solitaire version. With three ways to play, choose the version that is best for you. Triplica combines a mix of strategy and luck, and is easy to learn and fun to play.

For 1 to 6 players. Ages 7 and up. Playing time 15 minutes.

Contents: 60 Play cards, 36 Goal cards, instructions

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Smash or Trash
Smash or Trash is the game where players make up hysterical new lyrics to popular hit music!

Are you witty enough to write a song about fast food, homework, doing the laundry or perhaps rabid squirrels? Have you enjoyed chart-topping music from recent decades? If so, then this is DEFINITELY the game for you.

A good sense of humor is better than a great singing voice when you play Smash or Trash. Put your creativity to the test as you compete for top praise from the critics (other players) who will declare each song you write to be a Smash hit or just plain Trash.

Every player will get both a Songs card and a Subject card at the beginning of each round. Players are then given time to write as many new lyrics as they like about the subject to the tune of one of the listed songs. The songs are performed and players vote for those they like best. Once all the rounds are completed the player with the most points wins.

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1 Buxton St
Harrisville, RI 02830
Ph: 401-762-1817

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