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Someone has created the perfect card game. One that is equally fun for adults, kids, or adults and kids to play. One that is not so simple it is boring yet not so complicated you can’t socialize and laugh while you play. A game that you want to play again as soon as it is over. After months of intensive design/testing/redesign cycles, Bag-O-Loot has introduced a game that mixes a perfect blend of strategy, luck, interaction, and emotions. Card game lovers are hungry for a refreshingly new game, and Bag-O-Loot answers that call. Packaged in a environmentally friendly, shiny gold drawstring bag, Bag-O-Loot attracts customers and sells itself.

Winner of a 2011 Preferred Choice Award in the category of Family Card Games from Creative Child Magazine

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The Perfect Gift!
If you are 8, 18, 28, 48, or 88, you will enjoy playing Bag-O-Loot!

While many games may claim to be for all ages, very few actually are. As a family, there is no ‘letting your kids win’ and no ‘doing your best not to look bored’ when you play. It’s easy to learn and play, yet has many possible strategies. Kids just love the part about stealing cards from each other. Adults love the bluffing element. Everyone has just as much fun playing as a group of adults, a group of kids, or a mix.

Everyone can win too. There is just enough luck involved that even the most skilled player can’t win every time. And when you are done with a game, you are ready to play again. It’s quite addicting.

Bag-O-Loot is a perfect gift for any age, any occasion. Of course it’s the perfect stocking stuffer, (no wrapping required) but it also goes well into an Easter basket. It works as an office party gift, a going away present, or how about for Hanukka gelt? (Bag-O-Gelt?!) Hide your employee annual bonus in the bag. Saint Patty’s day? The list goes on and on.

Bag-O-Loot is perfect for camping or hiking. Easy to toss in a back-pack or pocket, Bag-O-Loot travels well wherever you are going. Most card games come in a cardboard box that always ends up getting crushed and ripped. The Bag-O-Loot sack will last for years keeping the cards protected and ready to use.

Bag-O-Loot is green. With no extra packaging to throw away, Bag-O-Loot is environmentally friendly.

Players Love It!
“Bag-O-Loot combines strategy, luck, interaction, and emotions into one of the best new card games I’ve played in a long, long time.”

“Unlike most games that appeal to families, this one is actually engaging for the adults as well as the children. Too many ‘family’ friendly games are really children's games that adults can play but seldom really enjoy. Or, they are games that adults may find engaging but their children can never win unless we let them. . . my 7 year old son is as good at it as I am.”

“There is no other game like this. I like it. It’s refreshing.”

PO Box 1084
Laconia, NH 03247-1084
Ph: 603-528-3655
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