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PRIMO was launched in July 1994 in Irvington, New Jersey to provide bigger, better and brighter high quality products that every parent needs for their baby! Our products are baby necessities with timeless designs that never go out of style. Taking advantage of its New Jersey injection molding factory, the original focus of PRIMO was plastic baby baths, toilet trainers and bed guard rails.
Now, PRIMO’s award winning product line keeps expanding with additional items and categories designed for style, quality, safety and functionality from around the world. Most PRIMO products are Made In The USA with an emphasis on being Environmentally Conscious, BPA Free, Lead Free and Phthalate Free.

PRIMO Play Yard Cabana
Ducky Bath & Toy Bag
Sleep and Play Anywhere! PRIMO’s PLAY YARD CABANA is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Comes complete with removable sunproof, cabana cover and travel bag. It is light weight (14 lbs), portable and comes fully assembled. The padded floor mat and cabana cover are sunproof and waterproof to keep children comfortable and dry. Six see-through mesh side panels offer easy visibility of children at play as well as ventilation. A cloth travel case with shoulder strap is included for easy portability. Extra large interior size offers plenty of play room for 2 children. Great for home, park, beach, grandma’s house! For ages New Born to 3 years.

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PRIMO's Ducky Bath and Toy Bag offers baby a unique soft duck shaped cushion that later changes into a toy bag for the bathroom wall. Four suction cups hold the Duck cushion/toy bag in place. Designed for babies 0-9 months of age, the Ducky Bath can be used in single or double sinks, on a table top or in a bathtub. A built-in shower rod hook makes it easy to dry and store the bath. Two large compartments conveniently hold bathing accessories. The Ducky bath has an easy to drain plug. The Duck cushion is machine washable polyester. The Ducky bath is light weight and easy to clean polypropylene plastic.

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Voice Activated iPod Night Light
Musical Potty
PRIMO’s VOICE ACTIVATED NIGHT LIGHT WITH MUSIC offers an cuddly bear design with the innovative use of modern sound activation technology with the practicality of a night light. Useful and appealing for all ages. Offers 3 timing options for the lights and music, 2 lighting options and 4 sound options. Trendy parents can choose to have their own recorded voice calm and soothe their child back to sleep via an iPod or CD that is activated when the baby cries – or they can choose a soothing heartbeat, rainforest or programmed music sound to calm the baby. Battery power makes it portable – even a toddler can take it with them to light their path.
The PRIMO VOICE ACTIVATED NIGHT LIGHT WITH MUSIC lets baby’s voice or sound activate the lights and/or music of the friendly bear that will calm and soothe a child back to sleep. The 3 timing options of the Night Light are 1) a continuous mode, 2) a 15 minute timer with an automatic shut-off or 3) a voice activated mode. The 2 lighting options are a 1) continuous light or 2) a rotation of 7 pastel lights when voice activated. The 4 sound options with low and hi volume controls are 1) programmed music, 2) the sound of a mother’s heartbeat, 3) a soothing rainforest sound or 4) any music or mother’s recorded voice from an iPod, MP3 or CD player.

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PRIMO’s MUSICAL POTTY, a child’s first potty! The MUSICAL POTTY plays a familiar song to reward your child when successfully using the potty.  It has a comfortable, ergonomically designed back rest for proper alignment of your child’s back.  A built-in handles in the back rest makes it easy to empty. Your child is sanitary, safe and secure! It cleans with soap and water.  It is designed for children up to 25 lbs. or 11 Kg.  Made of polypropylene plastic, BPA Free, Phthalate Free.

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149 Shaw Avenue
Irvington, NJ 07111

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