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The Fiammetta Toy Company Inc. are the creators of Stork Babies and Silver Star Friends. Stork Babies are exquisitely designed, beautifully colored mini-bean doll with different International collections made annually with the Italian Collection and Spanish Collection currently being offered. Silver Star Friends are adorable birthday wishing dolls. Children can wish on the star the doll has on its foot on their birthday!  When you purchase Stork Babies and Silver Star Friends you are also helping little ones in third-world countries get educated and nourished as a percentage of profits go to Plan USA and Plan Canada! 
Stork Babies can be found in booth #5556 at Toy Fair.

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Red Stork Baby
Silver Star Friend
This is Coco-Lolita and she is part of the Spanish Collection of Stork Babies. Coco-Lolita loves horses!

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This doll is part of the Silver Star Friend collection of dolls. These are birthday wishing dolls. Silver wishing stars are located at the bottom of one of the dolls feet.

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4775 Blenheim Street
Vancouver, BC V6L3A5

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