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Grandpa Beck's Games™ is a unique way for us to make a personal connection between our family and yours.

We are a game playing family. We believe time spent playing games is time spent building relationships. Whether winning or loosing, life lessons are learned, and good times are had.

With our five kids, we not only played games, but we always found ways to improve on them. Creating Grandpa Beck's Golf™ has been quite a journey. Going from a game concept to a finished products has been no small task. First, we had to work out the details of the games and then play them often, until we had them just right. Finding a graphic artist with game creation skill and experience was also a big challenge.

At first we thought we would have a game on the market in a few months. In the end, the whole process has taken years. Even naming the game was a challenge.We had to change the name three times, due to trademark challenges. Finding a production source was also very difficult.

After two failed attempts to trademark our game and company name,we eventually personalized our brand. Grandpa Beck's Games(R), Grandpa Beck's Golf(R), and Grandpa Beck's Cover Your A$$ets(TM) were finally selected and registered! In the end, these names effectively communicate the very real family basis of our company. We believe in our games enough that Grandpa Beck puts his own picture on every box as a part of our logo. At the time of production in 2012 I enjoy the blessing of six very cool grand children, by whom I love being "Grandpa Beck."

We will only sell games that we love to play with our own family.

Thank you for the interest. We hope you enjoy playing our games as much as we have.

Brent and Tauni Beck

Cover Your Assets
Scheming and Skulking
The new Game where the goal is to be the first millionaire! Stack pairs of assets, to cover your valuables before they are stolen by other players! Defend your assets with like cards in your hand or Gold or Silver Wild Cards! Easy to learn in just minutes, with layers of strategy for years of fun! This will be a your new Family Favorite! Loved by all ages. Kids, Parents, and Grandparents can all enjoy a great time together. Even dedicated, competitive, gamers get a kick out of the quick action, and the drama. Enjoy the emotional response as the value of your Assets increase each time they are stolen. Steal them back to gain even more value. Before they are stolen again, cover them with more Assets to protect them. Watch out though, if your new top set is stolen the one below it is in jeopardy again. Keep building up your assets till you become the first millionaire.

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Scheming and Skulking, is an exciting card game where every hand can be a winning hand... if you play your cards right! It is a "trick taking" game, which means that each turn, each player, plays one card. The highest numbered card, or the most powerful special Pirate card played will win. This is called "taking a trick." Each hand players look at their cards and then create a Scheme as to how many tricks they will win. With a "Yo Ho Ho," players simultaneously bid how many tricks they will win. Those bids are recorded on the included score pad. Players continue to Scheme to make sure they win exactly how many tricks they bid. If you get your bid you score. If you win more, or less, than you bid, you loose points. You never know which cards are skulking out there that might thwart your scheme because there are always some cards not dealt out. The five powerful PIRATE cards, the adaptable TIGRESS card, and the all powerful SKULL KING card may, or may not be Skulking in another player's hand. There may be many, or few JOLLY ROGER cards dealt, which are the valuable trump cards. Getting your bid is a dynamic challenge that makes every hand of every game dramatic and interesting. If you have and escape card, it allows you to avoid taking a trick. This is especially helpful when you bid to win zero tricks. Yes, in this game you can win by loosing! Every hand, whether you have high or low cards, can be a winner, If you play your cards right! There are many ways to score bonus points that allow you to come back from behind, or to quickly shoot ahead. You are always in the game, no matter what cards you are dealt. Scheming and Skulking will become a new family favorite for you, just as it is the all time favorite of Grandpa Beck and his family. This award winning game will never cease to entertain and challenge. It is the winner of several awards and now licensed for distribution in a Euro version now available in Europe and Russia!

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10048 1st Avenue SW
Seattle, WA 98146
Ph: 206-922-2200
Fax: 206-402-3874
Alt Phone: 206-498-1959

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