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STICKMAN STEW® & THE GOLD HEART CREW™ are colorful, bendable, soft plush toys that help kids learn about the importance of RESPECT and the Golden Rule. They’re bendable, so kids can create all kinds of fun poses.

STICKMAN STEW needs no batteries. It’s powered by one of the strongest forces on Earth - a child’s imagination! STICKMAN STEW characters appeal to boys & girls.

Parents like them, too. STICKMAN STEW recently won the coveted Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal.

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For less than $10.00, you can buy a STICKMAN STEW toy and we’ll donate one for you to a sick, homeless, neglected or abused child.

STICKMAN STEW is just one character in his own collectible and respectable world. Our hero hangs out with his pals in THE GOLD HEART CREW™, including STICKGAL SAL™, STICKKID SID™ and STICKGIRL SHIRL™.

Characters in crew have a Heart of Gold emblazoned on their chest, symbolizing the one thing we all have in common.

Respect. Pass it on!
As part of our campaign to encourage children to show RESPECT to themselves, to others and to the world we all live in, STICKMAN STEW gives out a Gold Heart Award of Respect to individuals, groups and organizations who exhibit respect and empathy.

“The Golden Rule has always been a simple, but profound way to live one’s life,” said Jane Guinn, creator/founder of Stickman Stew, LLC. “If everyone treated others the way they would like to be treated, the world would be a friendlier, happier, more caring place.”

STICKMAN STEW & THE GOLD HEART CREW are currently sold at and in select stores. They will make their official debut in US toy stores and gift shops in early 2015.

Stickman Stew®
Stickgal Sal™
Stickman Stew® is a peaceful and gentle soul who helps his friends be the most kind they can be. He spreads respect and love everywhere he goes. Stew loves to sing karaoke and dance.

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Stickgal Sal™ is a warm and caring gal. She’s a good friend who will always be there to hold your hand. Sal loves to give hugs and read people’s fortunes.

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Stickkid Sid™
Stickgirl Shirl™
Stickkid Sid™ is a prankster who loves to play jokes and make you laugh. His big imagination and hijinks can get him into trouble at times. Sid often hides in small spaces where he accidentally falls asleep.

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Stickgirl Shirl™ is a quirky and curious girl who loves to daydream and encourages others to do great things. Shirl is always wishing on shooting stars and talking to furry animals.

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1919 N. Hwy 35
Rockport, TX 78382
Ph: 361-727-9960

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