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IELLO is an international game and toy publisher founded in 2014 in Nancy, France.  Our ambition is to bring beautiful, fun, and profound games to a new generation of demanding players; games you will want to play again and again. Our catalog includes a wide variety of quality board games for everyone - adults, families, and kids, casual or seasoned players - with one unifying ingredient: enjoyment!

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The Grasshopper and the Ant
King of New York
IELLO's The Grasshopper and the Ant - the newest in the Tales & Games series! IELLO's Grasshopper and the Ant requires players to alternate between the Grasshopper or the Ant, as they gather the provisions for winter. The Grasshopper, who played away the summer, was made foolish by this tiny but industrious Ant. But the Grasshopper has hatched a plan: follow the Ant to some remote field, in order to steal her precious yield.  To pass the long, cold winter without without undo hardship, alternate playing as the Grasshopper and the Ant to gather the provisions that will lead you to victory!

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IELLO's King of New York is a follow up to Richard Garfield's award-winning King of Tokyo - now with buildings and military units to destroy! There’s always something happening in the city that never sleeps. Maybe it’s the lights, maybe it’s the energy, or maybe it’s the giant monsters trying to demolish the place! Get ready for Richard Garfield’s follow up to the best-selling King of Tokyo! Who will be the King of New York? King of New York introduces lots of new ways to play, while still keeping the core ideas of King of Tokyo. There are Buildings to Stomp! Vengeful Military Units to Destroy! Six brand new Monsters! Every roll of the dice might mean that your monster feels the OUCH, as military units open fire. Will you grab the spotlight, and become a celebrity Superstar? Or will you become the defender of the city, and befriend Lady Liberty? Each of New York’s boroughs has its own charms, but to truly rule the Big Apple, you have to control Manhattan. Defeat the other monsters and rule the city...Become the King of New York!

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Eat Me If You Can!
IELLO's Eat Me If You Can! is a quick-to-play, easy-to-learn bluffing game with characters from famous fairly tales. The Wolf is back, and he is not happy! But Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs, and the Seven Kids may yet have the last laugh! Each turn, take on the role of one of these famous characters. As the Wolf, try to surprise the other players in their sleep by sneaking into their lovely little cottages. But beware, Wolf! Your tender victims may have laid traps for you! A quick game to enjoy with family or friends! Explained in 2 minutes! Be crafty, and don’t hesitate to bluff if it will save your skin!

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IELLO's Kobayakawa is a quick and fun betting and bluffing game with a poker-like feel. In feudal Japan, powerful samurai clans battle for dominion over the land. But just being the strongest isn’t enough. The powerful Kobayakawa clan shifts allegiance like the wind, bringing victory to the weak. Do you have what it takes to outsmart them? Kobayakawa is a simple card game for 3-6 players. Using just 15 cards, bluff and bet your way to victory over seven rounds.

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5550 Painted Mirage RD #320
Las Vegas, NV 89149
Ph: 702-818-1789

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