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Timeless Toys Inc. was founded in 1998 by Harold A. Nizamian, a toy industry veteran who was formerly CEO of Dakin Inc. He is often referred to as “The Father of Garfield” in the Toy Industry for his role in making Garfield a household word in 43 countries and for the introduction of the suction cupped Garfields that were nearly ubiquitous during the late 1980’s.

Timeless Toys Inc. is dedicated to producing unique, exciting, safe, high quality products and maintaining the highest standards of service in the industry.

Timeless Toys Inc. was the first company to create and copyright the authentic original Quarter Bears® to tie into the very successful U.S. Mint State Quarter Program. This program began in the year 2000 and will be completed in December 2008 when the last of the 50 State Coins -“Hawaii”- will be issued.

By then Timeless Toys Inc. will be close to the 2 Million Unit sales mark of its Quarter Bears®.

Whether it is Teddy bears, Fun Animal Slippers,™ realistic plush toys, bean bags, Hand Puppets or Party Sticks®; Timeless Toys Inc. uses the highest quality materials available. Our comprehensive Quality Control System assures you of quality and safety.

Please check for new specials coming soon by e-mailing or calling 510-732-1960.

Hawaii Quarter Bear
Party Sticks® Jr.
Part of the Quarter Bear line, the coin in the pocket of the bear is a PRINTED REPLICA of the actual coin

Since their introduction in early 2000, Quarter Bears have passed the one million unit mark in sales in July of 2004 and on the way to the second million. Loyal customers and collectors have insisted on having the bears available in advance of the issuance of the State Quarters by the U.S. Mint! The quality and the detail of the embroidery of the bears is exceptional. Quarter Bears conform to all of the ASTM and CE Safety Standards.Quarter Bears are Collectible, Educational and make wonderful Gifts for young and old

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Timeless Toys Inc. is offering a special price of $10.00 Retail on our Party Sticks Jr.

One of the finest educational games on the market. Acclaimed by educators.

This fun, educational game is based on the “pick up stick” concept. It teaches primary colors, integrity, community and mathematics. It also improves manual dexterity and makes children exercise while playing the game. It’s recommended by leading educators for ages four through adult. It is fun for adults, too, and makes a great party icebreaker.

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Old Fashioned™ Hand Puppets: Animals
Old Fashioned™ Hand Puppets: Holiday and Fantasy
Timeless Toys Old Fashioned™ Hand Puppets have become staples in the Toy and Educational market sectors.

This animal series includes animals such as the rabbit, the cow, the grasshopper, the frog and more.

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Timeless Toys Old Fashioned™ Hand Puppets have become staples in the Toy and Educational market sectors.

This holiday and fantasy series includes characters such as Santa and his elves, a dragon, a pirate, and even the Big Bad Wolf.

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2534 Barrington Court
Hayward, 94545
Ph: 800.732.1960

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