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Created by a Ph.D. and endorsed by Olympians and World Champions, BabyPro is the premiere themed sports video series for infants and toddlers. Winner of fourteen national awards, BabyPro is an innovative children’s educational media company that is introducing sports play to a new generation. Each sports-themed video promotes healthy, active play for a lifetime, and provides wonderful learning opportunities for future little athletes.

This series is distinctive because it combines traditional video elements (vivid imagery, soothing voice-overs, beautiful music) in an active play format that features baby, toddler, youth and pro skill levels in three unique sports. This visual progression of active play allows a child to experience skill mastery at many levels and promotes sport diversification, which benefits a baby’s growing body. Children are also introduced to the basic fundamentals of sports play through supportive voice-overs that offer gentle encouragement, and babies are exposed to language progression through the repetition of active words and phrases.

BABYPRO believes that providing a foundation of sports and active play at a young age will encourage children to run, jump, kick, throw, swim, splash and cheer…for a lifetime!

Let's Play Ball!
Let´s Make a Splash!
The BABYPRO “Let’s Play Ball!” video provides a vibrant and stimulating introduction to baseball, basketball, and soccer. Thrilling sports imagery of balls bouncing, hands throwing and feet running encourages babies to play actively, while lively compositions from Mozart, Strauss, Chopin and Rossini enchant tiny ears. Babies are exposed to language progression through the repetition of basic words and phrases such as “Hit the baseball,” “Dribble the basketball” and “Kick the soccer ball.”

“Let’s Play Ball!” encourages children to kick, run, dribble, pass, catch and throw…for a lifetime!

The BABYPRO “Let’s Make a Splash!” video provides a charming and playful introduction to swimming, diving and surfing. Captivating images of little mouths blowing bubbles, babies splashing and children riding waves are synchronized with lively compositions from composers such as Handel, Hayden, Bach, and Sousa to create a motivating introduction to water play for babies and toddlers. Curious minds are exposed to language development through the repetition of action words and phrases such as “Pull with your arms” “Splash with your hands” and “Kick with your feet.”

“Let’s Make a Splash!” encourages children to swim, dive, kick, paddle, surf and splash…for a lifetime!

BABYPRO Encourages Active Play…For a Lifetime!
Let's Dance and Tumble!
The “Let’s Play Ball!” and “Let’s Make a Splash!” compilation CDs promote action and movement through inspiring classical masterpieces from Mozart, Handel, Bach, Strauss and many more! BABYPRO’s classical selections include dramatic marches and exhilarating overtures that are designed to activate and energize little bodies and minds. Your little Pro will love it!
Similar to “Let’s Play Ball!” and “Let’s Make a Splash!” this video features athletes from Babies to Pros participating in cheerleading, dance and gymnastics. For ages 6 months to 4 years.
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