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Manufacturers of molding and casting kits, life casting kits, high quality molding materials such as MoldGel™ alginates and the "RubberRite" family of silicones and superior molding and casting supplies for amateur and professional artists. 14 unique kits that create one-of-a-kind, life-like sculpture in extraordinary detail. Capturing a lifetime of memories for art, fun and profit!
"Providing studio quality materials for museum- quality results."
Minimum Order: $250.00


Kidz EZ Cast Kit . . . Pro Hand Casting Kit . . . Face Cast Kit . . . Front Torso Casting Kit . . . and the ColdKast Bronze Kit.

Planograms of kits and supplies available to help you sell

Pro Hand Casting Kit
Face Casting Kit
Our molding material is MoldGel our own special formula of alginate (what the dentist use to take impressions of your teeth). It is a slower set than dental alginate (3-5 minutes) and resists slumping and tearing better than dental alginate. It is completely safe and hypoallergenic, too.

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Casting the face is a bit more challenging then casting hands or a torso – but the satisfaction is so much greater. We believe that is because just as the “eyes are the mirror to the soul”, the face is the reflection of the personality. Nothing has more instant recognition as the face.

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Kidz EZ Cast Kit
Front Torso Kit
Our most popular kit because it is a multi-purpose casting kit for ages from new born to adults. You can cast baby´s hand or foot or mom and baby´s hand and a child´s hand, too. Just follow the four EZ steps and you will have a beautiful casting that will last more than a lifetime. Unlike any of our other baby and children´s kits this multi-purpose kit gives you plenty of artistic options, too.

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Though larger than a face or head, casting the front torso is easier than it seems. Because of the broader surfaces and fewer undercuts even an inexperienced life caster will capture the model´s torso without much difficulty the first time using the ArtMolds´ Front Torso Casting Kit. Front Torso Casting Kit contains the materials to incorporate the latest methods for making an exceptional torso cast.

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This ToyShow archives was last updated on 5/6/2005
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