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ABC Animal Train
I Can Do It! Reward Chart
“All aboard!” with the ABC animal train

Teaching the alphabet is more effective when you make it fun. Exploring the alphabet never has been as fun as when the children use the 26 animal finger puppet from the ABC animal train.

Great item for use in your homeschool, after-school, Day Care, Church Nursery, Montessori, or Waldorf educational environment....or just good-old-fashioned play time!

Key product features:

  • Carry on bag
  • Machine washable
  • Hands-on activities
  • Free replacement of missing pieces
  • Safety tested

Wholesale Price $12.00
Stop nagging, yelling and pleading!! Spend more time on positive attention and praise to your child. The “I can do it” reward chart helps the parent raise their children to be more responsible, learn to set goals and track results.

An engaging learning activity for home, daycare, classroom, and more!.

Benefits from using this unique reward chart:
  • Children set goals
  • Positive attention and praise
  • Reinforcement towards desirable behavior
  • Builds confidence on a child
  • Great tool for parenting skills
I can do it! reward chart includes:
  • Soft wall hanging with wood dowel
  • 10 illustrated reward cards and 5 blank cards to personalize
  • 10 illustrated activities cards and 5 blank cards to personalize
  • 37 gold reward stars
  • 13 blue stars featuring printed numbers from 0-9
Wholesale Price $ 13.00

Tell Me About Today Calendar in French or German
My Quiet Book in French
What a great way to teach children the date, the weather, the season ... in French or German. This calendar is made of cloth and is beautifully detailed. Simply choose the appropriate velcro piece to attach to the proper place and your calendar displays not only what day, date, month and year it is, but also gives a visual for the weather outside and the season. And the Children are learning another language.

Wholesale Price $12.00 per calendar.
Great book when we need a child to learn about buckles, buttons, zippers, laces, shapes and textures, all in French.

Wholesale Price is $12.00
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