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Alphabet Alley produces high quality, faith-based toys for the early childhood market. We use all original graphics to illustrate solid values in a fun and entertaining way. Alphabet Alley toys provide educational, motivational and spiritual values, all of which are embodied in our slogan, “smart fun for little souls”.

Our puzzles, blocks and magnet sets will be on display in Booth #6408 in the Javits Center during the American International Toy Fair.

Bible ABC Building Blocks
Noah's Bible ABC Stacking Blocks
These are classic building blocks with one important difference; these blocks are illustrated with easily identifiable Biblical figures and references. They are just the right size for small hands and can be used by one or more children. Designed for multi-use, imaginative play, these blocks are sure to keep young minds occupied for hours!

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Each set contains a complete set of the alphabet, numbers 1-9 and graphics depicting the Noah story. These stacking blocks introduce size and shape relationships, encourage imaginative play and can be used by one or more children. The blocks are designed so that if a child places the Noah pictures in order, the rest of the alphabet will be in the correct order on the other 3 sides.

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Bible ABC Memory Game
These 60 wooden tiles comes with 2 complete sets of the alphabet, game instructions, engaging Bible ABC graphics and a reusable wooden box with acrylic lid for easy storage. The game may be played with fewer sets for younger children. No reading required.

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P.O. Box 22105
Houston, TX 77227
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