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Ideals Publications and its educational imprint Williamson Books are dedicated to providing children books with colorful art, entertaining stories, and challenging activities that allow children to learn while having fun. Ideals, throughout its 60 year history, has become a trusted name for wholesome literature and beautiful graphics. In 2004 the Ideals tradition of quality books joined with the educational excellence of Williamson and they continue to publish award-winning titles for the trade and educational market. Ideals now offers a full range of children¹s books to include boardbooks, activity books, books with dvds and cds, quality picture books, and classroom enrichment books.

Creating Clever Castles & Cars (from Boxes and Other Stuff)
Sing! Play! Create!
This creative book encourages children to engage in developmentally appropriate role-playing, while the learn to improvise by creating something out of "nothing." Kids will call on their own special talents to "build," imagine, pretend, and act out, while exploring life in various kinds of self-made "structures." These activities will stimulate children to develop improvisational, creative, and problem-solving skills, while also encouraging them to work together.

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This book creates situations that allow parents and teachers to spend stress-free time with kids, while also providing the best types of learning environments. Learners of every style will find something that they excel in and many opportunities to try out new things in a safe, encouraging environment.

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12 Easy Knitting Projects
Make Your Own Puppets and Puppet Theaters
This book provides early knitters with 12 new projects that take advantage of some of the newest, "coolest," in-style fun yarns on the market today. Every pattern is accompanied by how-to-do it step-by-step illustrations and a clear list of what is needed. Kids will find how easy it is knit!

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Beginning and skilled puppet makers alike will appreciate the crafting and performance techniques this book offers. Activities are presented as beginnings that children can then expand upon with their own ideas and creative touches.

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