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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 4/3/2006

TriQuest! is the exciting and realistic new racing game where technology meets tradition.
Electronic Console
Racing Styles
Never before has a board game combined the exhilaration of Horse Racing with the atmosphere and sounds of the racetrack quite like TriQuest!  From the “call to the gate” with the playing of the trumpet, to the nervous anticipation while awaiting results from a photofinish, TriQuest’s superior technology brings the excitement of the track home to you!

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It’s the classic battle of blistering early speed vs. relentless endurance.  Some horses will exhibit tremendous speed out of the gate but will then begin to tire.  Others will get faster and faster as the race progresses.  Each of the six horses has a unique racing style that has been mathematically programmed into the electronic console to allow the horses to fan out down the backstretch before turning for home.

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Crop and Hold Back Cards
Cash Tickets and Chips
Crop Cards:
Crop Cards are used to cut to the outside while passing another horse or to simply gain speed.  Each player receives just two Crop Cards per race, so using them at the right time can greatly affect the outcome of a race.

Hold Back Cards:
Hold Back Cards are used to gain an additional crop for later use.  If a player’s horse is boxed in with very little room to maneuver, this may be a good time to use your Hold Back Card.

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Cash Tickets:
Don’t have confidence in your skills as a jockey?  Try predicting the order of finish on a cash ticket.  Even if you don’t make the Winner’s Circle, you  may still end up the game’s big winner.

Cash Chips:
After the correct places for the race have been determined, the Track Manager places the proper horses in the Win, Place, and Show circles and pays $1000, $500, and $200 to the first, second, and third place winners.  The Cash Tickets are then read aloud and $500 is paid to each player that correctly predicted the 1st place horse, $200 for picking 2nd place, and $100 for picking 3rd place.   In addition, a $500 bonus is paid to any player that correctly picks all three horses in order (known as a Trifecta).

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This ToyShow archives was last updated on 4/3/2006
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