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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 2/15/2005

Design a Dolly Hospital (Where dolls are born for you to love!) is a unique concept in which children participate in making a doll and help their doll be “born”. We invite you to experience our concept where so much fun is to be had and magical memories will be made! We can help you to get involved in this concept at any level. Anything from building a whole store based on the concept to a department in your children’s retail store to our rack program for make your own dolls at home. We work with designers and animation and can create something very special for your business.

Our History
The Design a Dolly concept is a division of LMCK Industries which has been in business since 1994. Our current locations are in New York and New Jersey. We have introduced the concept in these areas and are receiving rave reviews. We feature an interactive place where everyone can have fun creating a personal, special doll that they personalize, “stuff it”, and bring it home to love! We are expanding across the country and have select licensed territories available. Call us to find out how we can help your business by joining us in this fun, interactive concept. We invite you to experience the magic!

Our Craft Kits
Our new and exciting craft kits are a hit. They are perfect for any retail, craft, or party location. They are a 15 inch soft bodied doll that children stuff as a craft. Then you can decorate a dress for your doll. All the supplies you need are included in the kit. The packaging is colorful and will sell the kit every time. The dolls are in style and this concept is a popular trend for kids. Call us and check out these kits!

Design your own dolls!
We have stuffed animals too!
Currently there are eight different styles to choose from with many more in production, soon to come! Warning: IT IS VERY HARD TO CHOOSE BECAUSE EACH ONE IS CUTER THAN THE NEXT! Some special features about our dolls is that they are un-stuffed or waiting to be born as we call it. They are specially made with openings that allow us to stuff them and then seal them closed. They have a clear pocket heart on the front which allows them to reveal a special message, such as happy birthday, I love you, best friends, troop 55, etc...

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Preemie pals are little, soft, stuffable animals that children stuff as a craft. They can be hand stuffed or by use of a stuffing machine which is a popular trend. They are made from a super soft fabric and are 8 inches. You’ll find them to be irresistible. There is a full line of clothes to outfit them. Low price points, fun activity, this is a no brainer. Join us and get in on the profits!

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Design your own dolly kit
Give birth to your own dolly!
The newest addition to Design A Dolly. These dolls are groovy and in style. They are 15 inch soft bodied dolls that are stuffable. The kit comes complete with everything you need to stuff your doll and decorate a doll dress. There are many themes to choose from. Themes such as Diva dolly, summer/vacation dolly, princess dolly, fairy dolly, etc. The packaging is outrageous! We have a rack program for your display. They have low price points and are a great idea for home craft projects, birthday gifts, vacation fun, birthday activity, etc.

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We have created new and exciting software! Our patent pending software asks you a series of questions and then takes your picture and prints out a keepsake newspaper instantaneously. First it asks you for your name and then a name for your doll, etc. The keepsake newspaper has your personal information and your picture with your doll. This is great if you feature an interactive take and make in your store. It is priced very reasonable and the program can be installed on your computer. Give birth to new profits by making kids and families smile with joy!

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135 South Main Street
New City, NY 10956
Ph: (845) 639.3226

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