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Tot's Program Pack
TimeOut Tot
"TimeOut Tot" is a lovable squirrel (made by a Jim Henson puppet maker) who rescues boys and girls from timeout and teaches them right from wrong, uniquely using REAL-LIFE examples of other kids mistakes. When kids see how UGLY tantrums are and hear how ANNOYING whining is, for example, the "right choice" becomes an easy one. Stop tantrums, whining, biting, cutting in line, grabbing, pushing and MORE with the help of TimeOut Tot!

Includes the TimeOut Tot DVD, TimeOut Tot PlushPuppet and Acorn Treat, Tot's Tunes CD and Tot's Tally. SAVE $6 when you buy all FOUR (The TimeOut Tot DVD, Plushpuppet, CD and Tally) Click here to learn MORE!

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TimeOut Tot is a multi-award-winning program that teaches appropriate behavior in a way that's never been done before AND has had proven success at home, and in preschool and daycare settings.

"TimeOut Tot turned my daughter's behavior around 180° for the better." --east coast mother

"TimeOut Tot belongs on every parenting resource shelf." — Video Librarian

"It's the answers to the prayers of parents, teachers and daycare providers everywhere." — School Library Journal

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TimeOut Tot, The Behavior Coach DVD
Tot's Clean Up Cube
Winner of seven nationally acclaimed awards including the Parents' Choice Award, TimeOut Tot, The Behavior Coach helps parents (and educators) teach kids the difference between appropriate and INappropriate behavior, three ways:

"How-to" lessons for adults presented by the "American Inventor" of TimeOut Tot

"Ready-made" lessons for children presented by TimeOut Tot, the lovable squirrel who combines gentle correction with wholesome humor, colorful stories and songs to deliver meaningful messages.

Tot to the Rescue! A 30-minute adventure following "Tot" as he rescues boys and girls from timeout and takes them to see REAL-LIFE examples of other kids making the SAME mistake.

Click here to preview the DVD.

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Cleaning up and counting has never been more fun! It's the game that gets kids cleaning up toys and learning number skills without knowing it.

Here's how to play: Pile everything into one big heap. Fill Tot's Clean-Up-Cube with cards (and air). Then, roll it like you would a dice to find out how many toys to put away when it's your turn. It's that simple! Without knowing it, kids are counting numbers and reading number words in English and Spanish. They are sequencing, grouping, counting by fives and tens — and learning an important life skill: how to take the bore out of chores.

Product includes an Inflatable cube (8" x 8"), four 5" x 5" sturdy decks of cards (domino dots, numerals, English number words, and Spanish number words, and instructions for 20+ games.

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