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For over 25 years, AG Industries has been creating unique and high quality gliders. The brand name Whitewings has become the standard the world over for great flying paper and balsa gliders. Teaching the basics of flight, while providing hours of fun, consumers and educators alike look to Whitewings as their provider for gliders. All Whitewings gliders are designed by a Ph.D. engineer to assure quality of design and performance.

Power Props
20th Century U.S. Airplanes
Three colorful rubber band powered gliders coupled with an electric winder. Flights nearly 100 yards are possible.

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20th Century U.S. airplanes in vivid colors. These are the planes that made aviation history. Paper and balsa gliders with outstanding performance.

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Whitewings High Performance Gliders
Power Props Seaplanes
Six jet planes that look terrific and fly like no other gliders.

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Two powerful seaplanes with an electric winder. These beauties land on water just like the real thing.

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PO BOX 455
Preston, WA 98050
This ToyShow archives was last updated on 7/7/2009
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