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DuneCraft's fun, exciting, and original products have a secret-they're not just fun, they're educational! DuneCraft has developed and produced over 60 unusual and educational science and nature products to date.

Soothing Aloe Rock Garden
Rainforest Rock Garden
Grow one of the most useful and indispensable plants in the world in this brand new handcrafted rock planter! Aloe is known to soothe and heal skin, and is also used to treat cuts, scrapes and burns. It is also one of the only houseplants that releases oxygen at night and removes carbon dioxide in the air. This exciting rock garden is all-inclusive and contains a unique rock planter, a contoured sprouting dome, aloe seeds, natural gravel cover, an informative instructions and care manual, and more!

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Capture the mystique and beauty of the rainforest right on your desk or table with the tropical China Doll plant. This fast-growing plant features small, shiny, intricately patterned leaves that create a soft, delicate, distinctive look. The Rainforest Rock Garden comes complete with a state of the art rock planter, a contoured sprouting dome, deluxe planting mixture, moss ground cover, china doll seeds and more! This tropical rock garden grows easily indoors, and will reach heights of three to five feet!

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Fairies' Favorite Flower
Prehistoric Fern
Grow your own Lobelia flowers from seed with this unique, new micro-terrarium! Lobelia, also known as the Cardinal Flower, has trailing foliage that grows about 5 inches high and produces beautiful, deep blue flowers. This plant is easy to grow and is believed to attract fairies as well as hummingbirds!

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Now you can grow your own Asparagus Ferns from seed with this brand new micro-terrarium! Asparagus Ferns are known for their beautiful foliage. In fact, the tall feathery top of this plant is used to make garlands for brides! Asparagus Ferns are easy to grow, thrive in low light, and will last for years! This fern will also bloom white and pink flowers sporadically! Asparagus Ferns germinate readily from seed and make terrific houseplants!

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