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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 9/25/2009

Mary and Gregg Pembleton are the founders of Answers In Motion, LLC. and the creators of Thumball.

Originally designed for speech therapy, it has become the premiere toy, game and experience for everyone.

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Thumball™ begins with the ball itself! And everyone loves to play with a ball!
Throw it, roll it, pass a circle or randomly.
Catch it! Look under your thumb.
React to the word, phrase, or graphic found there.

Play Thumball™ anywhere! At home, in the car, at school, at work, at parties, etc.

See Optional Response Choices & visit for complete details on each.

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Optional Response Choices - Determined at the start of the game to add variety & interest.
A. Say the word or name the image.
B. Define term, explain concept or answer question
C. Use in a sentence or complete the phrase or sentence.
D. Name or list items in that category.
E. Perform the action.
F. Order or buy the item identified.
G. Act out what it describes.
H. Use your own creative ideas.
I. Keep checking here for new choices.
J. Choose to change the thumb to any other finger.
K. Visit for complete details on each Thumball™.

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Meet and Greet Thumball
Thumball™ Carabineer Accessory
Students, friends and their fellow employees can have fun and get to know one another by responding to this ball's suggestions to share experiences from work and personal life. The 32 panels include questions and statements such as "Smartest Career Decision" and "Two Office Tools You Can't Live Without."

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A short decorative logo strap with 2 aluminum hooks. Hook Thumballs together using looped label on each Thumball! Hang Thumballs off belt loop for easy transport. Hang from hook for organized storage or display. Also great for keys!

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204 S. Lippincott Ave.
Maple Shade, NJ 08052
Ph: 732-267-7792

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