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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 9/22/2008

LauraLi Corporation presents Design-a-Pursetm a versatile patent pending pouch accented with a treasure of beautiful accessories for girls 5-15. Design-a-Pursetm allows a girl to design her own purse and then assemble it herself. Interchangeable straps, trims, and jewels, make Design-a-Pursetm an activity, a fashion and fun for girls.

Packaged as individual components, suitable for toy stores, craft stores, party stores and home parties, Design-a-Pursetm will be offering seasonally updated designs, making the product a collectible item which every girl will seek out. Pick-a-Pouch, Pick-a-Strap, Pick-a-Trim, Pick-a-Jewel, it’s your creation, take it home.

Pretty Purse Array
Design-a-Purse Activity Kit
An array of purses from LauraLi Corporation is a work of art and represents the creative spirit which is in every girl’s heart. All Design-a-Pursetm accessories are removable and interchangeable making design and assembly a snap. No sewing or gluing required.
Our brand new activity kit was created to allow girls to bead their own straps, design their own trims and color their own jewels. The kits are great to purchase as a gift, for yourself or several for your very own purse party. There is no sewing or gluing required.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Pouch with Velcro a strip already sewn on
  • Beads for long or short straps
  • Extra beads for bracelet or anklet to match purse
  • All findings to complete the straps
  • 2 Ribbons for the trim, one for beading and one for casual
  • Beads for the trim, (optional to make a beaded trim)
  • All finding to complete trims
  • Rhinestone jewel to color

Fashion Statement
Design-a-Purse Components
One purse is never enough, so girls will also buy multiple accessories and change the look of their purse pouch matching a mood or style they prefer. Our customers keep coming back if just to create again. Our product allows young ladies to express their creativity and individuality so eventually they just have to buy another pouch and of course more accessories to recreate that feeling.
Design-a-Pursetm components are available separately. Satin lined pouches, long beaded, short beaded & boa feather straps, beaded and braided trims and elegant and casual jewels are like dangling treasures. The accessories are not only removable and interchangeable between pouches, but also transformable; trims become chokers, jewels become broaches or pins and straps become belts and necklaces.
P.O. Box 353
Centerville, MA 02632
Ph: 866-528-7254
Fax: 508-778-6330
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