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Discombobulation is endless hours of entertainment for anyone who likes to have a good time. It’s not what you know…it’s how fast you know it, do it, try it, act it, add it, see it, and more!

Ages 8+, 3-6 Players. MSRP: $9.99

Discombobulation is a fun, fast-paced game guaranteed to make the entire family laugh. The goal…be the first to play all of your cards before someone can discombobulate you with one of 10 unique Discombobulation challenges.

You will go head-to-head against other players to compose rhymes, sing popular songs, make lists, mimic others, remember nicknames, and much more. Mess up, you draw more cards.

Sound difficult? You bet. But outplaying your opponents in a game that requires a quick mind, fast reflexes, and a good memory makes it worth the challenge.

Object of the Game: Have the least amount of points when the first player reaches or exceeds 500 points. Discombobulation is played in hands. The first player to “go out,” by playing all of their cards, receives zero points, while all players who still have cards score points.

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Types of Cards:

  • Number Cards – 60 positive and 10 negative number cards
  • Action Cards – 28 action cards of six types
  • Discombobulation Cards – 10 unique challenge cards
Game Play: Seven cards are dealt to each player. The first player to play all of their cards wins the hand.
A hand begins when a player plays a number card. All number cards in the discard pile contribute to “the count.” The count is the sum of all positive number cards (minus negative number cards). When a number card is played, you announce the count (e.g. player 1 plays a red 8 and announces “8”, next player 2 plays a yellow 7 and announces “15”, etc).

Number cards can be played, regardless of their color, as long as they do not take the count over 21 or below 0.

Action cards can only be played if the last number card or action card played is of the same color. Action cards do not contribute to the count.

Discombobulation cards can be played at any time. Each card requires all players to participate in a unique challenge, and the loser must draw five cards into their hand.

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Red Bleach allows you to discard all red number and action cards in your hand. These cards do not contribute to the count.

Blue Reset can be played if the last number or action card played was blue. When Reset is played, the discard pile is cleared and the count returns to zero.

Play Maestro and sing a line from a popular song. The next player must sing the next line and so on until someone sings a line incorrectly or can’t think of the next line within five seconds.

Play Monkey See Monkey Do and make a motion and hold it (like pinching your ear). The last person to mimic the motion loses.

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If a player cannot play during their turn, they must draw one card from the deck.

Once a player goes out, players who still have cards in their hands calculate how many points they’ve earned. The scores are tabulated and another hand begins.

The player to have the least amount of points when another player scores 500 or more points is the winner.

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5351 E. Thompson Rd. Suite 143
Indianapolis, IN 46237
Ph: 317-862-2801
Fax: 413-812-2801
Alt Phone: 877-405-2662
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